Thursday, 31 December 2009

In's and Out's

  • Starting a new shift pattern meaning much more sleep and me being a much happier person :)
  • World Duty Free allowing staff to shop :) Meaning having easy access to Bobbi Brown, Victoria Secret, Keihls, Benefit, Clinique just to name a few :)
  • My nails being super super long and healthy
  • Macs Black Track Fluid Line= True love
  • Superdrugs Aloe Vera Lip balm in a tin that smells like apple
  • My hair finally growing and finding an amazing home hair dresser who is gradually getting me to my desired colour :)
  • Being old school and drinking Snowballs over the Christmas period
  • Finding a new love for Swarovski and Thomas Sabo Jewelry
  • Lush products
  • The fact its New Years Eve!!!!
  • Not finding much in the Boxing Day Sales
  • Currys being rediculous with ordering my 32" flatscreen for my room!!! Still hasnt been ordered!
  • Dry skin from this coooold weather
Not many outs this month!!

What are you In's and Out's of this month??? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Lush Boxing Day Sale!

Boxing day sales hmmmmm....Yes i did venture out on Boxing Day morning to Westfield and as predicted returned back with not that much to show due to the fact it was just crazily busy!! However i did end up getting quite a bargain in Lush! I saw on Twitter a few people talking about the Lush sale and to be honest i didn't even think Lush did sales so Lush was one of the first stores i visited and I'm so glad i did. The deal in store was spend £20 and pick a "lucky dip" lush bag filled with £35 worth of goodies...well i couldn't resist. I originally was going to spend £20 on things i actually needed and wanted but to be honest the store was really quite bare, so i went with two gift boxes instead which ended up costing £20.62 or something like that!!

So i got the Sparkle gift box which includes:
Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly
Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bar
10% Off Voucher

The other gift box was Bunty which includes:
Think Pink Bath Ballistic
Creamy Candy Bath Bubble Bar Slice
Pop In The Bath Bar Slice
Butterball Bath Ballistic
10% Off Voucher

Now when i say it was a "lucky dip" bag you got free i mean it was literally pick a large Lush bag from a table of about 30, but i have to admit i did get my boyfriend rummaging through and as soon as he shouted "a large bright pink shower gel" i said "TAKE IT" haha clearly knowing it was Snow Fairy Lol this was the one main item i was hoping to come out with..and i did, the 500g bottle...result!

I'm really happy with what i ended up with but I'm not happy with the way they were just lying in the bottom of the Lush bag, they could have at least wrapped them up as i really don't know how to store them now!!!! Dilemma hey.

OK so onto what i was given in my "Lucky Dip" bag
Wee Harry Bubble Bar
Candy Cane Bubble Bar
Christmas Eve Bubble Bar
Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar
Want to Believe Bath Melt
Satsumo Santa Bath Ballistic
Angels Delight Soap
Father frost Soap

Then for Christmas my boyfriends sister had got me a Star Melt and So White Bath Ballistic which i was really happy about. So i now have the full range and alot of lush goodies to be trying over the next few weeks. So be expecting some reviews guys :)



Saturday, 26 December 2009

St Tropez Bronzing Spray!

Only just recently have i got more and more into fake tan, this is due from returning from my holiday with a tan that i wanted to maintain a little longer seeing as it is the winter! Now before my true fake tan days on nights out when i wanted more of a glow i was truly faith full to Rimmel London Sun Shimmer wash off fake tan. I have used both the shimmer and matte depending on the occasion and i have to say for a one night quick fix this product is really nice, you just have to be careful no-one spills a drink on you during the night Lol

This brings me onto the next product, St Tropez Bronzing Spray. I had heard alot of good reviews on this product and when i came across this at a local market for £6.00 i couldn't walk away without it.

What St Tropez say:
This super-fine self tan spray delivers the ultra-even, ultra-smooth all-over tan you’ve always wanted. Infused with conditioning aloe Vera and long-lasting colour, you’ll have a perfectly natural looking tan in an instant. With 360° spray technology. Our innovative Aromaguard™ fragrance technology eliminates the tell-tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70% and instead gives a beautiful subtle, yet refreshing fragrance. Created by St. Tropez the tanning experts you trust to get it right. So whatever your skin type it’s easy to use for the most natural looking, ultimate tan.

Golden Rules: Exfoliate, moisturise, hold the nozzle about 6” away from your skin and spray all over. Blend with your hand or mitt if necessary to make sure you’re covered as it’s only missed areas that can look patchy. Once you’ve got even coverage wait until you’re touch-dry before getting dressed. Try not to get wet, or sweat, for at least four hours. Finally, shower off to reveal a perfectly golden, natural looking tan. To maintain, re-apply a couple of times a week, nourish daily with a moisturiser and smooth with regular exfoliation for ultimate results.

I have been using this a couple of days a week ever since i returned from my holiday and i love it. It really does give a lovely golden glow rather than an obvious orange tan. Seeing as i have used instant tan alot in the past it was really strange for me to spray a tanning product all over my skin to only see a slight coverage, yes there is a slight coverage when you first apply which i really like but then after at least 4-5 hours it develops into an even warmer tan. I did blend the product with a tanning mit as i wanted to make sure the coverage was even but this step can be missed out as the spray does give an even converge itself i just wanted to be extra care full. I love the fact the spray is so easy, in the sense you cant apply too much, with cream base tans i feel you can make mistakes and some areas can appear darker than others but with this product this wasn't a problem. Just a quick warning please make sure if you are going to try this product out you do so in a room with a window open as you are spraying a considerable amount the fumes can get a bit much. Now i know for most of you the smell of fake tan is always a big problem as yes i found this product did have that "fake tan" smell but after showering the product off in the morning the smell did disappear slightly so don't worry girls it doesn't stick around long! Overall i really love this product and will keep repurchasing although it does retail at £20 which i feel is a bit steep for a fake tan!

Whilst searching the St Tropez website i did come across this gift set which i am now eyeing up hehe...i think i always will have a place in my heart for Instant Wash Off fake tan and this product really sounds amazing! My cousin also really rates the St Tropez Bronzer which is included in this set and seeing as i have wanted to try the bronzer for a while now it just makes sense :)


Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Hope you all have an amazing day! X

Monday, 21 December 2009

Blistex Lip Massage

Whilst browsing the isles of Superdrug yesterday i came across a new product from Blistex. Now i have always loved Blistex products, to be honest i think i have tried near enough every single one of their products. Only until i searched up on Blistex website did i realise how many lip products they actually have on the market,
So here is a list for you all...

Hydrating formulas
Lip Massage
Intensive Moisturiser
Lip Splash

Healing Formulas
Relief Cream

Caring Formulas
Daily Lip Conditioner
Conditioning Lip Balm
Lip Tone

Protecting Formulas
Soothing Splash
Med Plus
Med Plus Stick

Now i am sure alot of you could tick off a few there you have tried in the past or use all the time, i know the Intensive Moisturiser is a popular one but like me i think you will be shocked as to how many are available on the market.

So onto the newest edition "Lip Massage" even the name is exciting! Of course when i saw this in Superdrug i had to have it and give it a try.

OK so i think you can tell there is a rather exciting part to this lip balm Lol I'm sorry about the last picture i know it looks a bit funny but i couldn't take it any other way. So this is like a normal twist up lip balm but the only difference is the end, its plastic with ridges on it to give you a massage feel over your lips. Now i know what you are all thinking, yes its gimmicky but i kind of like that about it.

Now at this point I'm just going to jump in and tell you guys what Blistex say about this lip balm...

"When lips are dry and flaky use this softening treat meant lip cream with its unique, massaging tip, for smooth refreshed and gorgeous lips. Twist the cream and use the applicator to gently massage over your lips".

I know the plastic applicator looks like it could really hurt your lips but don't worry it is a soft surface with pliable ridges so the idea behind it is to massage away any rough spots on your lips to leave them smooth and refreshed without irritation. Now what with it being such a cold winter this is going to be a great product for those who suffer with dry chapped lips and i am one of those people so i am so glad to have found this product. I have to say this though, if you do not like thick lip balms then this really isn't going to be for you, however i love them so this is just an added bonus for me. The formula contains Shea Butter, Squalane and Aloe Vera so this is why the consistency is really thick. It also smells gorgeous too, it has a really flowery sweet smell to it...if that combination is possible!!!

I have a feeling i will be stocking up on a few of these and only costing £1.63 you cant really go wrong!

If any of you have tried this or do try it then i would love to know what you think!

Disclaimer: Yes i did purchase this with my own money and No i am Not being paid to do this review, this is my honest thoughts.


Saturday, 19 December 2009

When Christmas Shopping Turns To Shopping For Yourself!!

I know we are all guilty of buying a few gifts for ourselves whilst out Christmas shopping so i just thought id share with you what i got today!

I don't think i will ever stop loving floral print to i got these two gorgeous bags from Primark today which will be great for Spring...I know I know, its not even Christmas yet and im thinking about Spring but i had to have some excuse to buy these hehe!

This bag cost £9
and this bag £6
After alot of help via Twitter...Thank you girlie's, i managed to get my hands on a backcombing/teasing brush from an Afro hair store for only £1.50!!

My boyfriend was then kind enough to drive me to the nearest Hobby Craft so i could pick up some magnets for my Mac Palette as i haven't been able to find any anywhere so i ended up buying 10 packets so i know i wont run out!!

Lastly something i was rather excited about!!!! Limited Edition Christmas Oreos!!! Ahhhhhhh bliss! Who else LOVES Oreos :))))


Oral B Triumph 5000 electric toothbrush!!

I have just come across this Oral B toothbrush on the Boots website and i just wondered if anyone has one as i think it looks amazing but I'm a bit hesitant about spending £62.50 on a toothbrush although it was originally £159.99.

Soap&Glory Hat Box!

Soap&Glory's bargain of the year!!! This gift set was originally £50 and for one day only boots had it on sale for an amazing £20!! So i was lucky enough to get my hands on one at the boots at my work!

I love the box its going to be great for storage as its sooo big!

Ok so onto what is inside...

A limited edition Sexy Mother™ Pucker Lip Gloss 7ml
The Daily Smooth™ Body Butter 250ml
Clean On Me™ Body Wash 75ml
Flake Away™ Body Buff 50ml
Girligo™ Moisturising Mist 100ml
Hair Supply™ Hair Mask 50ml
Hand Food™ Hand Cream 50ml
The Greatest Scrub of All™ Facial Smoother 125ml
Clean Mary™ Facial Cleansing Milk 75ml
I-Foam™ Body Wash 200ml
Butter Up™ Body Butter 200ml
A super sized Sudsy Puff
A beautiful striped drawstring bag

I am really excited to try out all of these amazing products over Christmas!!

John Frieda Curling Products!

About two weeks ago i got really upset and annoyed with myself for cutting my hair short over a year and a half ago as i missed being able to have my hair in different styles especially curly. So one night i radded my mums cupboards(sorry mummy hehe) and came across the whole range of curling products by John Frieda as my mum has naturally curly hair. So on a mission i decided to wash my hair then scrunch it using these products..

John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum: I applied a pea size amount throughout my hair just to keep the frizz under control after my hair had been towel dried.

John Frieda Curl Controller: I applied about a 2p sized amount into my hands, rubbed together then ran my fingers through my hair just to give the curls a bit more effaces

John Frieda Dream Curls Curl Protector: I sprayed this throughout my hair using the scrunching technique. This is more like a hair spray so it does dry slightly crispy but this means the curls stay in place really well.

After leaving my hair to dry naturally for about 30-45minutes i then sprayed..

John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum Finishing Spray: I absolutely love this spray, it smells gorgeous and gives such an amazing shine and finish.

I have been having my hair in this style for a while now and i have been getting so many compliments, i am so happy i can finally have my hair in a different style and it means it gives my hair a break from heat which is always a good thing :) Thank you mummy for the products..i promise i will replace if i use it all up hehe I know you don't mind!!


Thursday, 17 December 2009

Finally feeling Christmassy :)

My tree has been up for about a week now but its just taken me a while to post a picture..sorry guys! I just wanted to share with you what my Christmas tree looks like this year and ask who else feels that once your Christmas tree is up the month of December totally changes?!? The first week of December me and my family don't have the Christmas tree up and it feels like any other month, then comes the second week and up goes the tree and suddenly everything feels different and you really know Christmas is coming! Eeeeeeee sooo exciting!!

I love Christmas!!!!!
P.s I apologise that the top of the tree has been cut off in the picture!!


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Updated Storage Collection!

I remember posting a picture of a set of two draws that i was using for my make up....well it has slightly grown since then so just thought i would leave a few pictures on here for you all to have a look at!
Video will be coming soon on YouTube!


Pantene-Nature Fusion

OK so I'm going to be honest, I have always been slightly weary of Pantene only because as a little girl i literally hated having my hair washed and both my parents would have to hold me down to actually wash my hair and the shampoo they would always use was Pantene. So since those days the smell of Pantene would bring back awful memories of my childhood but don't worry guys i don't have that fear anymore Lol! So when i returned back from holiday i realised i was out of shampoo so quickly rushed up to the local supermarket and came across and new range from Pantene called Nature Fusion and to my relief the smell was actually totally different to the normal Pantene smell and smelt really good. Being the beauty addict i am and always wanting to try the new products i picked the shampoo and conditioner up.

So there are two collections within the Nature Fusion range:

Moisture Balance Collection-Enriched with Cassia and a unique blend of aloe Vera, ginger and calendula extracts to lock in moisture for touchable softness.

Smooth Vitality Collection-Enriched with Cassia and a unique blend of avocado oil, bamboo and grape seed extracts to tame frizzy hair leaving it silky and smooth.

Seeing as i don't have frizzy hair i went with Moisture Balance.

What Pantene say:

Inspired by nature- Known for its protective qualities the Cassia flower has been used in Ayurvedic and traditional medicine for over 4,700 years.
Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion began with a small seed of an idea inspired by the rich history of the plant Cassia. Native to India and China, the Cassia plant has been used in Ayurvedic and traditional medicines for over 4,700 years. Rooted in ancient forms of health preservation the understanding of Cassia's potential is now beginning to grow and flourish as nature and science interrogate.

What i think:

Overall i was pleasantly surprised and will either be re purchasing or trying out the smooth vitality collection. The shampoo itself is a really nice texture, unlike most shampoos that are of a more creamy texture this is slightly watered down but in a good way and is bright orange which i have never seen before. It smells amazing and leaves such a lovely scent in your hair. I have quite smooth hair anyway but this shampoo and conditioner definitely left my hair extremely shiny. When i was younger i found Pantene left my hair greasy after washing it but i haven't found that at all with this collection. You get a good 400ml with the shampoo and 300ml with the conditioner and seeing as most supermarkets have it on offer for 2 for £5 you really are getting a great deal for a really lovely shampoo and conditioner.

Thank you for reading guys xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Another Staff Sale....

Its that time again....Staff Sale!! Now most of you know that i work at an airport which means duty free is available however unless you work for duty free you are not able to buy anything(only from Mac) which is why staff sales come about and being the beauty addict i am i attend nearly every sale, so here is what i picked up!

Clarins Travel Size Set including:
Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
Eau Dynamisante Invigorating Fragrance
Beauty Flash Balm
HydraQuench Cream

This cost £20

I think i honestly bought this perfume due to its size its absolutely HUGE its 300ml! I don't think you can see the true extent to how big it actually is so i took a picture of it next to my D&G 100ml perfume. The perfume is by Marc Jacobs and its called "Lemon" and that is literally what it smells of but it will be great for the summer or just for a general room fragrance as i think it will last me a rather long time ha ha! This only cost £15 bargain i say!

Until next time....

Monday, 7 December 2009

Philippines Trip November 2009!

Here is also some pictures of my holiday in the Philippines!
Hope you enjoy xxx

Monday, 30 November 2009

Remington Wet2Straight Straightner

OK so for the past 5-6 years i have been 100% faithful to my trusty GHD hair straightener, now i have to admit GHD's are not 100% reliable as they are prone to blowing up...yes this has happened to me twice!! So when Remington got in contact with me i was slightly dubious as all i have known for such a long time is GHD but with such a high price tag i was keen to find a slightly cheaper but still great hair straightener so agreed to give this straighteners a whirl!

Remington have recently released a brand new straightener to the market and it is the Wet2Straight! Like i said earlier my GHD's blew up on me one year and it meant the straighteners being sent away for repair however they couldn't put a time limit on how long it was going to take. In those days my hair was quite long and i was going through the "poker straight"
stage...remember that?!? So i seeing as i wasn't aware how long my GHD's would be away for in a panic attack that i wasn't going to maintain my "poker straight" hair i rushed out and picked up some wet2straight straighteners, unfortunately i don't remember the brand but all i do remember is using them once, hating them and trying to put them back into the box like they had never been used before so i would be able to return them as i really didn't like them! So because of my experience before i have to admit i was slightly concerned as to how these would turn out.
I have to say i seriously wish i had these straighteners for my holiday as they truly would have been a life saver.

Before i go any further with my thoughts I'm just going to share with you what Remington have to say:

Thought you couldn't have a whole day with silky frizz free hair? You were wrong...Introducing the NEW Remington Wet2Straight!

The revolutionary new Wet2Straight straightens your hair directly from wet, locking in moisture making hair less prone to breakage. Have straight, frizz-free hair for longer.

Well well well, i have to say i am totally taken back by these straighteners and have been pleasantly surprised!!! I have used them in total 4 times and to some of you this may seem to soon to be able to review them but from the first use i was totally happy with them. So after thoroughly towel drying my hair and applying a rather large amount of heat protection off i went with parting my hair starting from the back and working my way through the rest off my hair, slowing pulling down on the strand of hair to release all the steam then pulling down once more on the strand to ensure it was fully straightened. I was slightly concerned at first with the amount of steam and noise that was coming from the straightener but this is from the Steam Hydration Therapy so after a while i got totally used to it. My hair usually takes around 10-15minutes max to straighten as it is still very short and this was the same amount of time it took using the Wet2Straight Straightener so you don't even have to worry that it takes a longer period of time and plus you are totally cutting out the blow drying of your hair. What with working shift work and not having much time on my hands to get ready these have been a superb new addition to my everyday routine before work and it means i get an extra 15minutes in bed as i am not having to blow dry my hair :) Thumbs up for that one!!
The straighteners are said to keep you hair frizz-free for up to 8 hours, i don't suffer with frizzy hair so i cant really comment however i do suffer with my hair naturally forming into a slight "kink" by the end of the day which not even my GHD's could fix but the Wet2Straight has helped with this problem. They heat up really quick in 15 seconds, they are really easy to use with just an on/off button, you can use them wet or dry and there is also the option of changing the temperature to your desired heat.
I am also going to try these out on my mums hair and she has naturally curly very thick hair so i would love to see if these work as well with different hair types to mine.

These straighteners are currently retailing for £52.18 with a saving of £26.11 so the original price was £78.29 so if your are interested in buying these then head over to as this is where they are offering a saving!

So all in all i really am very impressed with these straighteners and will carry on using them i just don't know how my GHD's are going to feel about this :)

I just wish i had these straighteners for my holiday as i was out in a very humid country drying my hair was totally dropped as i was getting myself extremely hot and bothered so with these straighteners i wouldn't have had to worry and i would still have straight hair...genius!!!


Thursday, 26 November 2009

I'm Home :)

Hey everyone, Hope you are all well.
So i returned home from my 3 week holiday late Tuesday night. I'm still struggling with the jet lag but been trying to fight it and get back into a normal routine as i return to work tomorrow!

I had such an amazing time and literally loved every minute of it. The Philippines is a really lovely country and i hope to return every year :)

I have bought a hell of a lot so i have lots of reviews to do for you all but there are still a few products i haven't tried out yet so the reviews will come they just may take a few weeks as i always like to try out products i have bought for a while before i give you all my review!

Sorry for the quick post but i just wanted to let you know I'm all back and i will be back on track with posts in the next few days :)

Speak to you all soon xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 30 October 2009

PolaNight Teeth Whitening Update

I know its been a very very long time since i last spoke about Pola Night but if I'm honest i haven't used it that much :o Shock horror....I know! Its just very hard with my job to be able to sit with this in for a few hours as I'm either working or sleeping haha so i have made a deal with myself....I'm going to try and do this as much as possible while I'm away! So i haven't forgotten about it and i will eventually do a review on this as promised :)

Sorry its taken a while

First Maxi :)

Hey everyone. So some of you may be aware but i am off to the Philippines on holiday next week and i have been running round like a crazy woman trying to get things sorted :) Seeing as i work at the airport the shops still stock alot of summer wear which is really handy if you go away in the winter and you need a bikini or something. So i popped into Accessorize wanting to pick up a straw hat....i found one but it really didn't suit me, but whilst in there i came across in my opinion the most gorgeous maxi dress!! I have never bought a maxi dress before as i thought it really wouldn't suit me but i decided to just give it a go as i love the design on the dress. There are no fitting rooms at the airport so being very daring i just went ahead and bought it praying i would love it when i go home, and yes i do love it very very much! It's just the right length to wear with flip flops. I think you have to be careful with maxi dresses as they can either be too long or too short but this is just right! I know I'm a bit late on this one but they were in last summer and this summer so i think i can get away with it :)

What do you guys think?!

It retails at £45 but i get it at tax free price which was £39.13 :)

I was going to post a picture of me in it but i think i will save that for when i get back from my holiday and i have taken some pictures of me actually wearing it in the Philippines(hopefully with a nice tan)


Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Really quick short post but i just wanted to share with you 3 Soap&Glory products i picked up recently.Apart from Hand Glove, these are my first ever Soap&Glory products but i thought it was the perfect time for me to try some out seeing as i am going away on holiday and can use them while I'm away and also if you spent £12 or over you got a free "The Scrub Of Your Life" So i got the iFoam body wash and the Peachy Cream Big Butter which i have wanted for sooo long as it smells Devinne!!

Expect a review on these products once i return from the PHILIPPINES hehe!


Sunday, 25 October 2009

Dry Shampoo Is Now Coloured?!?

Well, well, well i have literally been waiting about 2 years for this day and it is finally here!!
I got introduced to Batiste Dry Shampoo just over 2 years ago, a girl i worked with at H&M literally swore by the product and would not only use it to refresh her hair but also to give volume. I then jumped on the bandwagon and gave it a try. At first totally loved it couldn't believe i had never discovered this product before but i was only really using it when i really needed to if i ever did. Then shift work came into my life and realising with the job i do you sometimes have to sacrifice washing hair for sleep as you may only get 2 or 3 hours kip if you washed your Batiste has become a bigger part in my life but there was always a slight problem when using the product. I have watched many videos showing how people with dark hair use this product and i use it in exactly the same way and could never understand why no-one had mentioned they had the same problem as me, so maybe some of you out there are going to agree with me on this one....The problem is, having very dark hair and using a white product on your hair?!? For blonde haired people this isn't a problem but for dark haired it is. It was taken me literally forever to work the product in so you couldn't see any white bits that i might as well have just washed my hair haha it looked like i was just going grey, and on many occasion at work people have mentioned to me "oh you have something in your hair" oh no its just this product i put in that makes me go grey haha yeah not tooooo great hey!!



My life is now complete!

It comes in dark and black so of course i went with the dark

It cost slightly more then the normal Batiste tropical or rose at £2.99 but i am totally happy to pay the extra as i love this so much more now. It smells me it smells like mens aftershave haha which i happen to love so its perfect and you cannot see any colour what so ever!!! It just sprays on like its wet you cant see any colour at all and it doesn't take so long to work the product in. This product with out a doubt will always be in my monthly favourites(if i did that haha maybe i should) I'm going back to boots tomorrow to stock up on some more that's how happy i am over some dry shampoo :) ohhh the small things :)

Please check this out and let me know what you all think...Were you as excited as i am :))))

FrontCover Cosmetics Are Back!!!

Think back to last Christmas guys....Thinking??? Well remember when FrontCover Cosmetics were launched in Boots with all the Christmas gift sets?

Well here is the one they released last year!

The colours were amazing such a mix from everyday neutral eye to a bright funky eye! They were extremely pigmented and i loved using them with a bit of Fix+

Now to show you all this years!!!

Its more about glitter this year and softer colours but never the less looks like again such a great palette!
I haven't actually used it yet i just wanted to share this with you all and let you know that at the moment its half price in Boots at £15 so i really recommend you pop out and grab this whilst its still half price!

Please look out for a full review of this product and also hopefully some looks too :)


Perfecting Your Pout!

What with the clocks going back last night, British winter has officially started and boy have i felt it on my poor little lips :( So i just wanted to make a quick tip post on how to keep your lips nice and smooth throughout the cold months.

So for smooth, soft lips take a clean damp washcloth and gently rub lips for about 60 seconds to get rid of any dry/rough patches also be sure to keep a small or travel toothbrush in your make-up bag for touch ups throughout the day, just make sure you are brushing your lips gently!!

Stock up on your favourite lip balm/conditioner..apply a vigorous amount at night then keep re applying throughout the day to keep your lips hydrated. My personnel all time favourite has to be Carmex i cannot live without this lip balm.

Hope this helps some of you out there :)

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Eyeko Loving

I have had these two products for about 2 months now but when i first bought them i was slightly scared to use them as i felt i didn't really know how to, however i have been using them everyday for the last week and a half but i can definitely tell you that these are two products which will be a permanent fixture in my daily routine :)

You can buy these products from


So shall we get to learn a bit about these products?

Eyeko Tinted Cream:
For radiant skin and a sun kissed glow try NEW Eyeko 3-in-1 Tinted Cream. Treat skin to the same luxuriously whipped texture made with super hydrating Jojoba boosted with antioxidants Vitamins A & E plus Vitamin C for a luminous finish as our No.1 bestseller Eyeko Cream.

Eyeko says: "It's the effortless way to get flawless skin. Dip in and pat on for a subtle glow with light reflecting particles that create instant radiance".

Well i am so happy to have found this product just as winter is drawing!! Throughout the winter i do suffer with such pale dull skin so to know i can pat a small amount of this cream all over my face makes me feel alot happier about winter. I also feel that it makes my foundation work a lot better with my skin colour when i have used this tinted cream. It says it can be used as a moisturiser but i don't feel it is moisturising enough to use just by itself.

Eyeko Cream:
Create a flawless base with Eyeko's 3-in-1 Cream MOISTURISER, HIGHLIGHTER & EYE CREAM in 1!Infused with skin perfecting light reflectors and antioxidant Vitamins A& E plus a Vitamin C boost for a radiant, clear complexion.

Eyeko says: "To get that A-list glow skip foundation and use Eyeko Cream all over focusing on the eye and cheek area for lit from within skin."

CELEBRITY FAVE As Seen In OK Magazine Issue 365: The cute packaging of this glistening moisturiser is just one reason to fall in love with this great lotion. Kylie has great skin anyway, but a layer of this cream will add a bit of lustre."

Well well well, this is my new eye cream LOVE!!!!! Like the Tinted cream it is a 3 in 1 and can also be used as a moisturiser but seeing as it seems to be the same formula again i don't think it will work by itself. I have been using this as an eye cream and a highlighter. Its great to put on after your moisturiser and just before the Tinted cream on your T zone just to lift the areas. Now onto this product as an eye cream...i suffer really bad with dark circles its probably hereditary and alot to do with the lack of sleep i get due to shift work but this cream seems to totally lighten my dark circles. I apply my eye cream at night then in the morning i use this and love it, literally now couldn't live without it.


Bad Skin Days!!

So i just wanted to share with you my 'holy grale' skin care products to get me through those breakout days!! As a little girl going through my teens i was so lucky to never suffer with bad skin or acne but suddenly as i have turned into a big girl my skin is suddenly starting to get worse and worse...I mean i haven't got bad acne i just suffer with break out which really isn't too bad but seeing as i have never suffered i feel its kinda worse than it actually is :)

Onto the products:
Clean&Clear Deep Warming Scrub...around £3.99
Clean&Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser..around £2.99
Freederm Zone Balancing Moituriser...£4.99
Freederm Spot Gel...£5

For a full review on these products then please check out my YouTube video here


Friday, 23 October 2009

Chanel Bronze Universel

Hi everyone! Wow it feels like i haven't made a post in ages...Wait a minute i haven't :( I'm so sorry guys things have been a bit manic seeing as i am going away for 3 weeks in a week and 4 days so i have been trying to get everything ready for that, as well as trying to get rid of this horrible cold i have at the moment :( I'm going to try and catch up with all my posts before i head of so that when i come back i know I'm all up to date with everything so i can start all my one million holiday posts that there will probably be hehe seeing as there is a FOREVER21 right where i am staying in the Philippines....can you tell I'm excited haha!!!!
Anyway guys lets get on with this post :)
So i know I'm pretty late jumping on the band wagon with this one but this product is something i have been searching high and low since the beginning on my obsession with YouTube videos and Blogs!! This product had such a hype over it when i first starting watching videos but it seems to be THE hardest product to find....even though i do work at the airport i still couldn't get my hands on it, Until 2 days ago :)))))))))))
This is allll thanks to my gorgeous aunt!!!
I popped round to see my cousin and like normal, i did her make-up and hair and we talked about beauty products and all that fun stuff! Then my aunt showed me around her make-up draw where she had the Chanel Bronze Universal lying having no love shown to it as she wouldn't warm to the product so she said that i could have it!!!!!! Ahhhh i was extremely excited...sad i know!!
I have only used it say three times and so far LOVE it i just wish that i had it over the summer as my skin is slightly pale now but this is defiantly a product i will be taking on holiday with me and hopefully continue to use when i return as i hope to have a lovely tan :)
I have just be using on the parts of my face the light catches the most...for head, nose, temples and slightly on my jaw bone but not as a contour! I love the consistency of this product and it smells like holiday too.

So happy i am no longer a Chanel Bronze Universal Virgin :))))
Thank you Aunty xxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 28 September 2009

I've Done It Again :)

We all know how much i love The Pound Shop and guess what i came across??????
Yep amazing eyelashes for £1!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy Huh?

and they are super super nice!!!!

I don't know about the quality as i haven't tried them out yet...once i have i will update :)

These are my favourite pair :))))))))))

Finally St Moriz

For weeks and weeks now i have been longing for this product, searching for it high and low! One night on Twitter i mentioned that i really needed to get my hands on St Mortiz and the lovely Cat from Please please please go check her out she is new to YouTube so doesn't have many post but the ones she does have are great so i think she will go really far!!! As i was saying Lol Cat offered to pick some up for me and send them my way eeeeeee i was soooooo excited! They arrived sooo quickly and inside was the cutest little card. I'm so excited to try this product out...i have been exfoliating for the last 2 days so tonight i think I'm going to apply it or maybe tomorrow night I'm not sure yet but i will defiantly let you guys know what i think of it :))))))))

Thankyou Cat!!! XXXXXXXX
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