Sunday, 17 May 2009

Hair changes in 1 year!

So here are some pictures of how my hair has change in the last year(there is alot i know)
I started with this length hair......
and then decided to go for the granduated bob.....

I then added some colour into my bob and went slightly shorter.....

I then went crazy and got 1 side longer than the other.....

I then hated it so decided to cut it all very very short which i also hated.....

and it has finally taken me 6months to get it to this length.....
but the question now is.......
do i get extensions???????????????????



  1. hey... i think your hair loooks lovely the length it is now. dont get hair extensions, leave it how it is and let it grow.
    i think it really suits you and you look great. xxxxx or get clip in extensions then you can have the best of both worlds xx

  2. Yeah clip in is an option as im so desperate to be able to do different things with my hair just dont know if it would work as it is still quite short.....ill prob just stick it out a lil longer and let it grow hehe
    Thanks so so so much for the advice and for the lovely comments!!

  3. get clip in extentions! i love mine, and it gives more variaty for when you want longer or shorter hair, i know i great ebay seller if you want to know message me :) and ill try and find it on my history for you :)


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