Sunday, 17 May 2009

Review: L'oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara!

So i purchased this mascara a couple of days ago and decided to try it out this morning. The concept of this mascara is to give you Fanned out lashes for a spectacular look....lashes look fanned out,lengthened,fuller,curved for a wide-eyed look. So of course as soon as i read this on the packaging i was extremely drawn in and couldn't wait to try it out. I was also really drawn to the amazing multi-angled(flexi-globe) brush which i have not seen on any mascara before. The idea of the brush which is like a fluffy ball is to use it horizontally for short fine lashes and vertically for every lash from root to tip. The brush makes it easy to capture and separate each and every lash from the root, in the corners of your eyes and even the bottom lashes which can be hard to reach with a traditional brush .

I must admit i found this mascara quite hard to use as you really have to get used to the brush as it is completely different. I was really hoping that this was going to give me an incredible result but i have to say i wasn't all that impressed with it. The multi-angled brush is quite small so you end up trying to apply it for ages to capture the look that you want. So i decided to remove it all and try again. Really trying hard to achieve the look it described on the packaging i decided to add a coat of L'oreal Voluminous on the bottom and then work with the explosion and i have to say i was alot more impressed. It did capture my outer corner lashes alot more than normal and i felt my lashes did look alot more curled and lengthened. I am glad i bought this for roughly £6 on promotion in Tesco as i would have been a little bit more annoyed if i had paid £3 more for it as i don't think its worth it... definitely go grab yourself one whilst its on promotion just to see if you like the effect it gives.


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