Saturday, 27 June 2009


Hey girlies...this is just a really quick post as i wanted off of your opinions! So here is a picture of me on a night out when i put extensions in(they are not great i didnt have much time to put them in) however what do you guys think??? Should i invest in some more to play around with(layer them-curl them) Would really love your help girls!!
Love you all


  1. it looks nice, u suit short and long hair :)

  2. The extensions look nice :) You could get some more and add more volume/length, or stick with the ones you've got and make them wavy.

  3. Sophie, love your blog and YT vid btw. :)

    I'm also looking for hair extensions at the moment and came across a site that looks quite good - i'm deffo gonna order some, i'm longing for big Cheryl Cole style hair! xx

  4. Hey hun i'm fairly new to ur blog and am just reading through ur older them all! random question, was this photo taken in a club in Edinburgh?! xx


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