Friday, 31 July 2009

LTD Tweezerman :)

Yesterday my mummy surprised me with something i have been eyeing up and talking about for a very long time :) some LTD Tweezerman tweezers yaaay i didn't think i was going to be getting these badboys until my birthday as they are quite pricey at £20(for tweezers anyway)
So chose me the floral print tweezers which are slanted.
They are quite bright colours on one side....

Then the other they are very pretty with pinks and blues

They also come with this really cute white reptile print pouch to keep them nice and safe :)

Here is just a really random picture of me trying them out hehe!!

I had heard amazing reviews about these tweezers and for such a long time i have been trying to achieve the 'perfect brow' and i thought this tool would perfect it for me...and i was correct!
Tweezerman= Amazing :DDDD
The great thing about these is that they are slanted so they really pick up all the loose strands that are always such a task to get out. I have already used them to create more of an arch on my brow and boy did they make it so much easier!! I have also just used them on my mum and she has just now ran off with them wishing she had bought some for herself. For months and months my mum has been moaning that she wants me to help her with her eyebrows to achieve a better arch and overall a better look, so today i did that for her and she cannot stop looking at them in the mirror! From having no arch and shape to a truly precise arch she is over the moon and it really only took me minutes as these are so easy and quick to use!! I hope i get them back from my mum as i love them just as much as she does lol!!

Tweezermans verdict:
Positively the finest general use tweezer in the world - top eyebrow artists always recommend our original, award winning Slant for expert brow shaping. The perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips are slanted to grab every hair, every time with the smoothest, true precision!
Tweezermans tips:
To ease tweezing, take a hot shower or use a warm washcloth to open pores. Tweeze in the direction of hair growth to avoid breakage. To close pores post tweezing, use cold water or astringent and try our After Tweeze™ Soothing Cream — it helps counteract redness and irritation while moisturizing and soothing tender brow areas.
These are positively amazing and a must have in ANY make-up bag



So if you have read my In and Out post you will have seen that in my In's of this month i told you alll about how excited i was that i can finally play around with my hair abit and back come it at the crown!!! ahhhhhhh so happy! I haven't been able to style my hair for nearly 8months due to growing it so as i was overally excited about this news i just wanted to share a few pictures with you.
You cannot really see the full extent to how much it has lifted at the roots in this picture but i has i promise and i love it! I have a plated head band in as well which matches exactly with my hair colour. Please excuse the fact i have hardly any make up on and my outfit doesn't look too great i was just in the middle of getting ready haha! Oh and once again sorry for the quality of this pictures!
Hope you like it guys i would love to hear your feed back however i will be having it in this style in my next video so that you can all see it better!!



Thursday, 30 July 2009

Sekonda Offer!!

So i just quickly checked out Argos website to see if they have the watch i showed you all in black as i am soooo in love with the white,when i noticed they have and offer on...If you buy 1 Sekonda fashion watch you get another for half price!!! So if you have been waiting till payday to get this watch you have perfect timing as you can get the black as well!!!! Don't worry though the offer is on until the 22nd January 2010 so you have plenty on time :DDDDD

Here is the link to the website

Take care everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In and Out


1. 100000000% in is the Garnier Body Tonic Sugar Scrub this product is positively amazing so i am going to do a full review in a video i think as i really really love this product! One thing though it quite pricey however i know at the minute Superdrug have it on offer for about £3.49 i believe so quickly go grab it while its on offer girlie's!!

2. Mac Colour Crafted lippie i have raved an raved on about this lipstick and i will still rave on about it as it is gorgeous i have been wearing it pretty much everyday since i got it and thank god have 4 back ups yaaaaay to have Mac at the airport :)

3. L'oreal Glam Shine Juice in 224 candy juice. This lip gloss is gorgeous and very affordable, it comes from L'oreal's new line of Glam shines and i think it is a must have. Its an amazing coral/pink colour but it perfect on top of any nude lip or Mac Costa Chic(that is what i have been teaming it with) Its just such a summer colour and the consistency and heart wand just top this product off!! Please go get one you i can promise you wont be disappointed!!

4. Davina McCalls DVD workout=soooooooo much fun!!! I'm currently on a diet girls and with working the shifts i do makes it so hard for me to get to the gym before and after work so an idea came to mind one day at work, why don't i just get a work out DVD, so i did and i went with Davina McCalls. My mum had heard amazing reviews about this workout and it really is so good. It includes a lot of kickboxing work which is super fun as i have never tried this before and just generally a really good full body workout which you will 100% feel in the morning!

5. Eating healthy. I have always been into my chocolate and crisps however a week ago today i decided i wanted to loose a stone and a half which meant completely cutting out all the rubbish i eat and i am sooooooo happy i have started to do this. I have cut out all white bread and pasta i now just eat wholemeal its silly things like this that i should have been doing years ago that are really helping! I am actually really enjoying the healthy foods and i feel generally a whole lot better in myself, I'm not as tired after work and on my rest days i don't feel i need to sleep alllllll day. So i think that me getting my head around the idea of a diet is really going to change my lifestyle in general as i really don't know how i ate sooooo much rubbish before :O

6. BRIGHTON!!! oh how i love this place. I always knew i had a special place in my heart for Brighton but it was only yesterday when i really realised something....Sometime in my life, when i don't know but sometime i really want to live in Brighton i just love it. I was there yesterday for my brothers graduation and i have only ever seen Brighton when its been really really busy but i arrived there quite early in the morning so i could appreciate it more and i really do love it!!

7. Being able to back comb my hair!! I have been waiting sooooo long for this day but it has finally come. I have been growing my hair for months(go check out my hair changes post) and finally yesterday i was able to back comb to crown of my hair and wear a platted head band on top and i love it!!! Yaaaaaaaay to back combing although its very bad for your hair lol

Yep that's it for the ins sorry there was alot


1. Being ill. Im currently off work as i was rather ill last night and i hate it sooooooooo much it sucks :(((((((

2. LucyMarie85 has gone :( You all may have heard already but LucyMarie85 YouTube account got hacked into the other day and deleted!!!! I don't know how anyone could have done this, it is positively evil and i am sooooooo upset about it! I think I'm going to be making a video about it but i just had to include it in this as it really has affected me. Lucy was my bestie on here and had been since the very beginning. She had been there for me since day one and we got on soooooo well. Her videos were amazing, she was gorgeous funny sweet and amazing at what she did so its such a shame that she has gone :( I will miss you so so so much Lucy Mwah xxxxxxxxx

I would love to hear yours guys!!! Please comment xxxxxxxxxxx

H&M Goodies :)

As you all may have known yesterday i attended my brothers graduation which i have to admit was a lovely ceremony and generally a lovely day out with the whole family(pictures will be up soon) I had a huge panic on Tuesday as i still hadn't bought any shoes to go with my with being at home and not at my boyfriends i wasn't able to 'quickly pop' into westfeild like i normally do i had to pop into the nearest shopping centre to me that to be honest has very minimal shops. I luckily did find some shoes in good old New Look which always seems to be a saviour for shoes these days!!
So onto the point of this post..i went into H&M and i have to admit they have some amazing pieces of jewelery from rings necklaces to bracelets it is all gorgeous and very very affordable with things ranges from £1.99-£4.99 which i think is really good considering the quality and design of the jewellery.

I did pick up only one thing i am sad to say, seeing as i used to work for H&M and in particular this very H&M i was in i felt a little uncomfortable being in there as i haven't visited anyone in a while and i left a slightly bad note!!

So down to what i did get.......

This gorgeous bracelet which only cost £4.99! It is a cream a gold cuff type bracelet however it is very stretchy. It just has cream circle detailing and surrounding the circles is gold very simple but looks amazing on!!

As you can see here! I just wanted to let all my lovely followers know and to quickly pop into your nearest H&M before it all get snaps up! I feel sad as i wasn't able to buy alot put i will be hopefully going to a H&M in London when i am back at my boyfriends so i can pick up some of these gorgeous pieces without feeling very on edge lol!
I'm sorry about the quality of these pictures it just seems that before my Internet gets sorted on the 9th of august taking pictures on my web cam is very successful when it comes to uploading them so until the 9th I'm sorry but these are going to have to do!!
Love you all lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Hey Girlie's, I hope you all had a good weekend and a good Monday! So i know i posted a video about a day ago but that was filmed about a week ago so I'm sorry i haven't filmed any recent videos in a while i promise i will get round to it soon, if you have any requests then please let me know!
So i thought i would quickly share this picture with you as i haven't posted any POTD or OOTD I'm sorry it such rubbish quality and all round not a very good picture i quickly took it on my web cam but this is my outfit and make-up i had on today when i quickly popped into town to find some shoes for my brothers graduation which is tomorrow yaaaay! Check out my video on my YouTube page to see what i am wearing!!
In this picture i am wearing: Dress from H&M (which you should have all seen in my recent videos)
Bangle and earrings from H&M
Make-up Face: HD Make Up Forever Foundation
Mac Select Cover Up
Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
Elizabeth Arden Sun Goddess Bronzing Powder
Mac Hello Kitty Fun&Games Blush
Eyes: Prestige Mineral shadow Quad in Neutrals
Lips: Mac Costa Chic and L'oreal Glam Shine Juice in 224(candy juice) This is new and its amazing L'oreal have added a new line to these liglosses and the colours are amazing!!
So yeah sorry again about the quality :)
Hope you like it xxxxxxxxx

Friday, 24 July 2009

L'oreal Voluminous

This is positively my all time favourite mascara to date. Rumour has it that this mascara has been discontinued in the uk and will no longer be stocking it, well as soon as i heard this i went into complete panic and rushed to the shops to stock up but to find they had already sold out everywhere!! If you watch my youtube videos then you will know i did manage to pick one up a few days ago but yes only one as that is all they have left.
So the reason for me to post this blog
1. If any of you know anywhere that still has alot of these in stock then please please let me know!!
2. Possibly anyone who is willing to send me some if you have a large stock in the area you live(only if this is far away from me as in internationally)
3. If any of you know of a dupe for this mascara i would be hugely great full for you to let me know!
I love this mascara and cannot imagine my daily routine not including this product :(


Thursday, 23 July 2009

Monday, 13 July 2009

Sekonda or Chanel J12

So i have been after this little beauty for weeks and i finally got my hands on one and i am soooooo happy about it i LOVE it! A few weeks ago i saw this watch advertised in either heat or look magazine and knew i had to snap this one up quickly!! As soon as i went to get it it had sold out so for weeks my eyes have been totally peeled looking out for this watch...but today my boyfriend had a surprise for me and yes it was this watch!!! I was OVERALLY excited about it!!
This watch is an amazing copy of the chanel J12 that i can only dream about owing!! The only thing it is missing of course are the diamonds hehe but you cant have everything i suppose!! This watch is by the company Sekonda and the amazing thing is the price...this watch only comes in at £19.99 total bargain i think!!

So if you are like me and dream about a Chanel J12 then i highly recommend you pop out and grab yourself this amazing copy i can promise you, you wont be disappointed!!!


Friday, 10 July 2009

Mac Tag

How long have you been using Mac?
For about 3-4 years

What was your first Mac product?
Studio Fix Fluid and i have re purchased ever since

What's your all time favourite Mac product?
Mineralized skin finish natural

What's your least favourite Mac product?
Mascara...wish they were amazing but they just never work

Do you own a Pro Card?
Nope wish i did

Your Mac foundation shade:

Your favourite Mac-Foundation:
Studio Fix Fluid

All that glitters

Oh my god i literally have sooooo many favourites so ill do my favourite at the minute
which is st germain Loves it

Lip gloss:

Don't have a fav

I have to admit i don't own very many mac brushes i use Inglot brushes but out of the ones
i have id say the 134

Nail Lacquer:
I only own the white nail lacquer from the hello kitty collection not
overlay excited about it

Pro Product:
10 pan empty palette does that count??

Comment on the following Mac product; Have you used them? If so, give feedback.

Prep + Prime Skin:
It's okay that's it really!!

Full Coverage Foundation:
Never used.

Studio Sculpt Foundation:
Its on my wish list of next things to buy :)

Face + Body Foundation:
I used to really like when i was alot younger..not so much now

Mineralize Satin Finish:
Never used

Studio Fix Fluid:
Loves it always reach for it

Hyper Real Foundation:
Never used.

Select SPF15 Foundation:
Never used.

Studio Tech Foundation:
Never used.

Studio Fix Powder:
Never used.

Studio Stick:
Never used.

Hyper Real Pressed Foundation:
Never used.

Beauty Powder:
Never used

Sculpting Powder:
Never used.

Shaping Powder:
Never used.

Loose Blot Powder:
Have tried them but i find them a little over priced when you can buy some in any

Pressed Blot Powder:
Never used

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural:
Loves it cant live without

Mineralize Skinfinsh:
LOVE these!!!

Bronzing Powder:
Have actually never tried a mac bronzer.

Powder Blush:
Actually amazing colours!!! Loves well dressed
Blushcreme:Never used

Mineralize Blush:
Just purchased some in the colour craft collection and love them

Gel Blush:
Never used.

Cream Color Base:
Never used

Studio Sculpt Concealer:
Never used.

Select Cover Up Concealer:
Loves this..great for my dark circles

Select Moisture cover Concealer:
Never used

Studio Finish Concealer:
Prefer this for blemishes as its very thick and heavy also quite drying

Studio Stick:
Never used.

Lip Erase:
Never used.

Tinted Lip Conditioner:
I do like these i have two from the hello kitty collection

love love love these so much couldn't live without!!

Also love these. a fab range of colours & smell so good

See Thru Lip Color:
Never used.

I am obsessed with these they are amazing, great range of colours and i love the

Cremesheen Glass:
Never used.

Lip Gelee:
Never used.

Lip Pencil:
I don't use lip pencil

Solar Bits:
Wish i had some

Nail Lacquer:
Nothing special really

Never used.

Never used.

Paint Pots:
Amazing love them all

Eye Shadow:
My first purchase from mac was a foundation then an eye shadow i have been addicted ever
since the colour range is just amazing and the pigmentation..wellll enough said!!

I like them but don't reach for them often as there are so many cheaper options out there
which are just as good!

Never used.

Eye Kohl:
I own a few but im not all that about them

Never tried.

Never tried i need to though

Liquid Last Liner:
Never used.

Lustre Drops:
Never used. considering picking 1 up from the style warriors collection..what do you

False Lashes:
Amazing range!! Loves them

ProLash Mascara,Zoom Lash Mascara,Plush Lash Mascara, Dazzle Lash Mascara:
I much prefer drugstore mascaras, wouldn't bother with any of these

What has been your favourite Mac collection to date?
Its probably going to be colour craft!! I love MSF!!!!!!!

Which Mac collection, in your opinion, do you think was disappointing, if any?
Style warriors...packaging was cute but colour range not amazing!!

What products do you think Mac are missing?
Better mascaras!!! That's it i really wish the mascaras could be better


Love/Hate Questions!

So I was just having a look at Sabrinas blog and saw that she had a post about some love/hate questions she had seen in Glamour magazine..i thought the questions were pretty cool and she said she would love to see other peoples answers so i thought id have a go at it..So here goes

Do you love or hate;·
Ginger hair- Love
Primark- Love
Mamma mia- Love
Lost- Hate
Shots- Love
Katie and peter- Love
Skinny jeans- Love
Wildlife programmes- Hate
Fake tan- Love
Angelina Jolie- Hate
Blackberry phones- Hate
Facebook status’- Love
Jumpsuits- Love
Sushi- Hate
Beards- Hate
Ironing bed sheets- Hate
Harry hill- Love
Dark chocolate- Hate

Feel free to do this guys! Thanks Sabrina xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

New Bag!!

I am soooo excited to be showing this to you all!! Ahhhhh I love this so much!
So i already have a black Long champ bag but i have been waiting to buy another one but didn't know which colour to get until yesterday hehe I was a work and walked past the bag shop in the terminal and spotted this new amazing blue colour ahhh i love it so much the colour is just gorgeous!!!

You ca see the true colour on this picture as it has no flash!!

Sorry for this random post i just love this bag so so much and wanted to show you probably will be featuring in a video i love it that much haha


Late again..Sunday CarBoot!

Hello my gorgeous girlies..hope you are all having a good week. So iv done it again and im so so sorry but iv finally got round to showing you guys what i got at the car boot on sunday, it isnt alot but some really cute things that i wanted to share with you!!
So i picked up these 2 rings which are brand new and cost £3 for both i just thought they were so cute and i love big chunky rings so i fell in love with them..i also love the colours of them aswell

Here is a picture with flash

and without
I also picked up this really cute hairband which was only £1 which again was brand new! It has all different coloured diamonte detailing on it and it looks gorgeous on!
Here is picture again without flash

and with flash

There wasnt alot this time but i was still happy with what i got :)
Hope you all like it


Friday, 3 July 2009

Bourjois new love!!

I have always LOVED Bourjois as a brand...i love everything, the eye shadows, the lip glosses,the lipsticks,the mascaras everything really!
Now i had been eyeing these new lip glosses up for quite some time but yesterday at work my amazing boyfriend picked these two up for me..he had alot of points on his boots advantage card and said i could have whatever i wanted so of course i picked up these two new lip glosses(he helped me pick the colours as well :D)
Here is a picture without the flash

and with the flash...

They are pretty much the same as the classic Bourjois lip glosses we all know with the gold lid however they are Effect 3D MAX where as the classics are just Effect 3D. They smell just as amazing as before but the consistently is slightly thicker. They also have shine activating micro agents in them and also the brushes are different...the classic is a thin brush but these new lip glosses come with a plastic wand which i really like.

The colours i picked up are: on the left hand side-no61 and on the right hand side no62. No62 has alot more glitter and shimmer in it but i love them both they are gorgeous.
They are on promotion at the minute so definitely go check them out they were around £5-£6 each!


Soap&Glory Vs Johnsons

So if you are subscribed to my YouTube channel then you may have seen one of my recent videos where i showed you guys that i finally have had acrylic nails put back on and i am loving them so so much! I gave myself a 6 month break from acrylic nails as my real nails got into a really bad condition, however i couldn't last anymore i gave in and got them put back on.

Ever since having them put back on I'm now obsessed with keeping my nails and hands in really good i quickly popped into boots after getting my nails done and wanted to pick up some new hand cream.

I came across two and couldn't decide which one to get so i ended up getting both lol

The product above is a Soap&Glory endless glove dry hand cream which cost £4.99

I was really drawn to this product because of the packaging its so bright and colour full...looks very fun and exciting!

The product below is by Johnson's baby and its from there new natural range which cost £1.99

I was really drawn to this product because of the price and reading alot of good reviews on Johnson's products!

So which one do i prefer??
If I'm honest they both smell amazing..the soap&glory has a more sweet smell as it has kiwi fruit and daisy flower extract however the Johnson's smells just like a baby he he they are both as good as each other!!
The quality of each product does vary quite dramatically..Soap&glory is not that moisturising however the Johnson's is extremely moisturising and slightly more greasy but once that has dried your hands feel amazingly soft.
I'm really finding it hard to choose one but ill be honest with you...What with working at the airport we have to go through a staff security check point and the rules that apply to the public apply to us too so we are only allowed liquids 100ml or under so....the soap&glory is 125ml and the Johnson's is 100ml so its the perfect size for me to take to work so i have taken this with me everyday since and love it. I will be keeping the soap&glory for at home though and when I'm not at work :)
Love them both though
I'm sorry that was a bit long winded

Elle Magazine!!

So once again there is an amazing freebie in a magazine which cant be missed!!!
So managed to pick this up the other day at work(with everyone watching me looking through every magazine choosing the colour top i wanted ha ha)
I wanted the grey or the blue however i managed to pick up the white one lol i really thought it looked grey but never mind..i will just have to pick up they grey 1 as well he he
This top is by Paul & Joe Sister. Its about a size 8-10!!!
I just LOVE the detailing on the top!!

Swap with LucyMarie85!!

Hey guys so here is a picture of the products that Lucy got me for our swap
I love this girl so much she is amazing....
I love everything she got me and have already dived in and tried alot of the products hehe
Benefit-Cream sheen eyeshadow
Benefit-California kissin
Benefit-Instant brow
Benefit-Lying eyes
Love you girl

June Favourites!!

Hey everyone! So guys im sorry that this is really really late- i was planning on making a June favourites video but just didnt get enough time so just thought i would blog about it as its now July haha!!
So some things i have had for quite a while and some things are pretty let me tell you what they are.....

Below are the make-up items:

Revlon Matte collection lipstick-002 PinkPout LOVES THIS!!!!!!!!

Dr.Harnik Dark Circle Corrector(review on this soon)

The Body Shop Roseflower Radiance Stick


Below are the skin/body items:

Dove Summer glow-light/medium

Kiwi Foot Silk(so good for during work or after work-very refreshing)

Johnsons baby Soothing Naturals moisture cream(smells amazing and only £1.99)

Johnsons baby Oil Gel with camomile(great for dry skin)

Palmolive-Madagascar Sunset LIMITED EDITION!!!!!! so i need to stock up hehe


CarBooty :)

Hey everyone..Hope your all OK and have been enjoying the weather over the last week.
I have a few blog post for you today because since being able to upload my 'Help' video onto YouTube my blog has started to work again lol funny that...seems to be it was my fault after all and its to do with the Internet connection at my house :( so i have got my dad on the case and he is currently on the phone to virgin sorting it out for me yaaaay!!
Anyway moving onto what this post is about....
Last Sunday which is nearly a week ago now, me my boyfriend and my boyfriends mum and aunt headed out to a car boot near to where i live. I love car boots and about 2 years ago got so into them i started buying and selling jewelery at car boots however i had to stop due to my hours of work. I was so excited to go back to one and see what bargains i could find...
Here it is for you isn't alot i was slightly disappointed but am happy with my purchases :)
First thing i picked up was this Nails Inc set 7 nail varnishes 1 base coat 1 top coat and a cuticle oil
The lady selling it said it retails at £65 but i paid only £20 for it so i was pretty happy about that seeing as it was brand new and never been used.
I am currently blogging this at my dads office so don't actually have the names of the varnishes so i will update it later when i am at home!!!!

I then came across these total bargains!!
Two Faced Lash injection mascara and Two Faced Mood Swing lip gloss
For how much you ask...... £1!!!!!!!
Oh how i love my £1 bargains hehe

Hope you like this guys!! I am really loving the mascara so will be doing a review soon!!

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