Thursday, 30 July 2009

H&M Goodies :)

As you all may have known yesterday i attended my brothers graduation which i have to admit was a lovely ceremony and generally a lovely day out with the whole family(pictures will be up soon) I had a huge panic on Tuesday as i still hadn't bought any shoes to go with my with being at home and not at my boyfriends i wasn't able to 'quickly pop' into westfeild like i normally do i had to pop into the nearest shopping centre to me that to be honest has very minimal shops. I luckily did find some shoes in good old New Look which always seems to be a saviour for shoes these days!!
So onto the point of this post..i went into H&M and i have to admit they have some amazing pieces of jewelery from rings necklaces to bracelets it is all gorgeous and very very affordable with things ranges from £1.99-£4.99 which i think is really good considering the quality and design of the jewellery.

I did pick up only one thing i am sad to say, seeing as i used to work for H&M and in particular this very H&M i was in i felt a little uncomfortable being in there as i haven't visited anyone in a while and i left a slightly bad note!!

So down to what i did get.......

This gorgeous bracelet which only cost £4.99! It is a cream a gold cuff type bracelet however it is very stretchy. It just has cream circle detailing and surrounding the circles is gold very simple but looks amazing on!!

As you can see here! I just wanted to let all my lovely followers know and to quickly pop into your nearest H&M before it all get snaps up! I feel sad as i wasn't able to buy alot put i will be hopefully going to a H&M in London when i am back at my boyfriends so i can pick up some of these gorgeous pieces without feeling very on edge lol!
I'm sorry about the quality of these pictures it just seems that before my Internet gets sorted on the 9th of august taking pictures on my web cam is very successful when it comes to uploading them so until the 9th I'm sorry but these are going to have to do!!
Love you all lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



  1. This is gorgeous.
    I so want one :D
    -Love Raspberrykiss <3


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