Friday, 3 July 2009

Bourjois new love!!

I have always LOVED Bourjois as a brand...i love everything, the eye shadows, the lip glosses,the lipsticks,the mascaras everything really!
Now i had been eyeing these new lip glosses up for quite some time but yesterday at work my amazing boyfriend picked these two up for me..he had alot of points on his boots advantage card and said i could have whatever i wanted so of course i picked up these two new lip glosses(he helped me pick the colours as well :D)
Here is a picture without the flash

and with the flash...

They are pretty much the same as the classic Bourjois lip glosses we all know with the gold lid however they are Effect 3D MAX where as the classics are just Effect 3D. They smell just as amazing as before but the consistently is slightly thicker. They also have shine activating micro agents in them and also the brushes are different...the classic is a thin brush but these new lip glosses come with a plastic wand which i really like.

The colours i picked up are: on the left hand side-no61 and on the right hand side no62. No62 has alot more glitter and shimmer in it but i love them both they are gorgeous.
They are on promotion at the minute so definitely go check them out they were around £5-£6 each!



  1. these colors look amazing! I'll have to try them. I think they're mini line is great!! awesome for trying products out. cheap and if you don't like it there's not much waste :)

  2. I soooo have to try these out the colours are gorgeous and perfect mini size too LOL x


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