Friday, 3 July 2009

CarBooty :)

Hey everyone..Hope your all OK and have been enjoying the weather over the last week.
I have a few blog post for you today because since being able to upload my 'Help' video onto YouTube my blog has started to work again lol funny that...seems to be it was my fault after all and its to do with the Internet connection at my house :( so i have got my dad on the case and he is currently on the phone to virgin sorting it out for me yaaaay!!
Anyway moving onto what this post is about....
Last Sunday which is nearly a week ago now, me my boyfriend and my boyfriends mum and aunt headed out to a car boot near to where i live. I love car boots and about 2 years ago got so into them i started buying and selling jewelery at car boots however i had to stop due to my hours of work. I was so excited to go back to one and see what bargains i could find...
Here it is for you isn't alot i was slightly disappointed but am happy with my purchases :)
First thing i picked up was this Nails Inc set 7 nail varnishes 1 base coat 1 top coat and a cuticle oil
The lady selling it said it retails at £65 but i paid only £20 for it so i was pretty happy about that seeing as it was brand new and never been used.
I am currently blogging this at my dads office so don't actually have the names of the varnishes so i will update it later when i am at home!!!!

I then came across these total bargains!!
Two Faced Lash injection mascara and Two Faced Mood Swing lip gloss
For how much you ask...... £1!!!!!!!
Oh how i love my £1 bargains hehe

Hope you like this guys!! I am really loving the mascara so will be doing a review soon!!


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