Monday, 13 July 2009

Sekonda or Chanel J12

So i have been after this little beauty for weeks and i finally got my hands on one and i am soooooo happy about it i LOVE it! A few weeks ago i saw this watch advertised in either heat or look magazine and knew i had to snap this one up quickly!! As soon as i went to get it it had sold out so for weeks my eyes have been totally peeled looking out for this watch...but today my boyfriend had a surprise for me and yes it was this watch!!! I was OVERALLY excited about it!!
This watch is an amazing copy of the chanel J12 that i can only dream about owing!! The only thing it is missing of course are the diamonds hehe but you cant have everything i suppose!! This watch is by the company Sekonda and the amazing thing is the price...this watch only comes in at £19.99 total bargain i think!!

So if you are like me and dream about a Chanel J12 then i highly recommend you pop out and grab yourself this amazing copy i can promise you, you wont be disappointed!!!



  1. ooohh may have to get myself one of those! xx

  2. I have the J12 and this is like practiacally identical! :) mines in pink tho.. bit girly wish i got it in black now for christmas with parents spending that amount!!!

  3. Oh that watch is lovely! :) x

  4. I really like that watch, very classy! I remember seeing the Chanel ad and drooling!ha ha. great blog, come check out mine sometime x


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