Thursday, 30 July 2009

In and Out


1. 100000000% in is the Garnier Body Tonic Sugar Scrub this product is positively amazing so i am going to do a full review in a video i think as i really really love this product! One thing though it quite pricey however i know at the minute Superdrug have it on offer for about £3.49 i believe so quickly go grab it while its on offer girlie's!!

2. Mac Colour Crafted lippie i have raved an raved on about this lipstick and i will still rave on about it as it is gorgeous i have been wearing it pretty much everyday since i got it and thank god have 4 back ups yaaaaay to have Mac at the airport :)

3. L'oreal Glam Shine Juice in 224 candy juice. This lip gloss is gorgeous and very affordable, it comes from L'oreal's new line of Glam shines and i think it is a must have. Its an amazing coral/pink colour but it perfect on top of any nude lip or Mac Costa Chic(that is what i have been teaming it with) Its just such a summer colour and the consistency and heart wand just top this product off!! Please go get one you i can promise you wont be disappointed!!

4. Davina McCalls DVD workout=soooooooo much fun!!! I'm currently on a diet girls and with working the shifts i do makes it so hard for me to get to the gym before and after work so an idea came to mind one day at work, why don't i just get a work out DVD, so i did and i went with Davina McCalls. My mum had heard amazing reviews about this workout and it really is so good. It includes a lot of kickboxing work which is super fun as i have never tried this before and just generally a really good full body workout which you will 100% feel in the morning!

5. Eating healthy. I have always been into my chocolate and crisps however a week ago today i decided i wanted to loose a stone and a half which meant completely cutting out all the rubbish i eat and i am sooooooo happy i have started to do this. I have cut out all white bread and pasta i now just eat wholemeal its silly things like this that i should have been doing years ago that are really helping! I am actually really enjoying the healthy foods and i feel generally a whole lot better in myself, I'm not as tired after work and on my rest days i don't feel i need to sleep alllllll day. So i think that me getting my head around the idea of a diet is really going to change my lifestyle in general as i really don't know how i ate sooooo much rubbish before :O

6. BRIGHTON!!! oh how i love this place. I always knew i had a special place in my heart for Brighton but it was only yesterday when i really realised something....Sometime in my life, when i don't know but sometime i really want to live in Brighton i just love it. I was there yesterday for my brothers graduation and i have only ever seen Brighton when its been really really busy but i arrived there quite early in the morning so i could appreciate it more and i really do love it!!

7. Being able to back comb my hair!! I have been waiting sooooo long for this day but it has finally come. I have been growing my hair for months(go check out my hair changes post) and finally yesterday i was able to back comb to crown of my hair and wear a platted head band on top and i love it!!! Yaaaaaaaay to back combing although its very bad for your hair lol

Yep that's it for the ins sorry there was alot


1. Being ill. Im currently off work as i was rather ill last night and i hate it sooooooooo much it sucks :(((((((

2. LucyMarie85 has gone :( You all may have heard already but LucyMarie85 YouTube account got hacked into the other day and deleted!!!! I don't know how anyone could have done this, it is positively evil and i am sooooooo upset about it! I think I'm going to be making a video about it but i just had to include it in this as it really has affected me. Lucy was my bestie on here and had been since the very beginning. She had been there for me since day one and we got on soooooo well. Her videos were amazing, she was gorgeous funny sweet and amazing at what she did so its such a shame that she has gone :( I will miss you so so so much Lucy Mwah xxxxxxxxx

I would love to hear yours guys!!! Please comment xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. OMG cant believe this about Lucy! Do you know if she is going to make another YT? x

  2. When i spoke to her she wasnt but i dont know if she has changed her mind xxx

  3. Sorry ot hear you're sick and Lucy's youtube was hacked!

    I'm changing my password!

  4. I love you and Lucy!! Please tell her that she should come back!!!


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