Friday, 10 July 2009

Late again..Sunday CarBoot!

Hello my gorgeous girlies..hope you are all having a good week. So iv done it again and im so so sorry but iv finally got round to showing you guys what i got at the car boot on sunday, it isnt alot but some really cute things that i wanted to share with you!!
So i picked up these 2 rings which are brand new and cost £3 for both i just thought they were so cute and i love big chunky rings so i fell in love with them..i also love the colours of them aswell

Here is a picture with flash

and without
I also picked up this really cute hairband which was only £1 which again was brand new! It has all different coloured diamonte detailing on it and it looks gorgeous on!
Here is picture again without flash

and with flash

There wasnt alot this time but i was still happy with what i got :)
Hope you all like it


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