Friday, 24 July 2009

L'oreal Voluminous

This is positively my all time favourite mascara to date. Rumour has it that this mascara has been discontinued in the uk and will no longer be stocking it, well as soon as i heard this i went into complete panic and rushed to the shops to stock up but to find they had already sold out everywhere!! If you watch my youtube videos then you will know i did manage to pick one up a few days ago but yes only one as that is all they have left.
So the reason for me to post this blog
1. If any of you know anywhere that still has alot of these in stock then please please let me know!!
2. Possibly anyone who is willing to send me some if you have a large stock in the area you live(only if this is far away from me as in internationally)
3. If any of you know of a dupe for this mascara i would be hugely great full for you to let me know!
I love this mascara and cannot imagine my daily routine not including this product :(



  1. I'll have a look out for you hun =)
    I remember it being a really good mascara, it's a shame!!

  2. I stocked up on a couple. I'm going to try and get some more soon. I'll have a look out for you. You could always try here if things get bad. I haven't used that site before but they do have them up for a reasonable price:

  3. I live in the uk, but have a boots that are still stocking this product - let me know if you want me to buy you some - xx

  4. This is my favorite mascara too!

    I buy them when they are on sale and therefore have lots on stock.LOL.


  5. iv never tried this one but i had it in mind for my next mascara!
    i hav max factor false lash effect now which is fab.
    but i love trying new ones!
    so that sucks.
    but i will keep my eyes pealed.

  6. check on this site they are only £4


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