Friday, 10 July 2009

Love/Hate Questions!

So I was just having a look at Sabrinas blog and saw that she had a post about some love/hate questions she had seen in Glamour magazine..i thought the questions were pretty cool and she said she would love to see other peoples answers so i thought id have a go at it..So here goes

Do you love or hate;·
Ginger hair- Love
Primark- Love
Mamma mia- Love
Lost- Hate
Shots- Love
Katie and peter- Love
Skinny jeans- Love
Wildlife programmes- Hate
Fake tan- Love
Angelina Jolie- Hate
Blackberry phones- Hate
Facebook status’- Love
Jumpsuits- Love
Sushi- Hate
Beards- Hate
Ironing bed sheets- Hate
Harry hill- Love
Dark chocolate- Hate

Feel free to do this guys! Thanks Sabrina xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. our answers were quite similar, why do you hate blackberrys? ♥

  2. I had the blackberry pearl in pink but sold it has i hate them so much they are so hard to use i could hardly txt on it...i much prefer the iphone :DDD

  3. we have similar answers too :)


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