Friday, 3 July 2009

Soap&Glory Vs Johnsons

So if you are subscribed to my YouTube channel then you may have seen one of my recent videos where i showed you guys that i finally have had acrylic nails put back on and i am loving them so so much! I gave myself a 6 month break from acrylic nails as my real nails got into a really bad condition, however i couldn't last anymore i gave in and got them put back on.

Ever since having them put back on I'm now obsessed with keeping my nails and hands in really good i quickly popped into boots after getting my nails done and wanted to pick up some new hand cream.

I came across two and couldn't decide which one to get so i ended up getting both lol

The product above is a Soap&Glory endless glove dry hand cream which cost £4.99

I was really drawn to this product because of the packaging its so bright and colour full...looks very fun and exciting!

The product below is by Johnson's baby and its from there new natural range which cost £1.99

I was really drawn to this product because of the price and reading alot of good reviews on Johnson's products!

So which one do i prefer??
If I'm honest they both smell amazing..the soap&glory has a more sweet smell as it has kiwi fruit and daisy flower extract however the Johnson's smells just like a baby he he they are both as good as each other!!
The quality of each product does vary quite dramatically..Soap&glory is not that moisturising however the Johnson's is extremely moisturising and slightly more greasy but once that has dried your hands feel amazingly soft.
I'm really finding it hard to choose one but ill be honest with you...What with working at the airport we have to go through a staff security check point and the rules that apply to the public apply to us too so we are only allowed liquids 100ml or under so....the soap&glory is 125ml and the Johnson's is 100ml so its the perfect size for me to take to work so i have taken this with me everyday since and love it. I will be keeping the soap&glory for at home though and when I'm not at work :)
Love them both though
I'm sorry that was a bit long winded

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