Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The day has finally arrived :)

Hey guys so if you follow me on twitter then you will know something very exciting happened on Monday :) I GOT THE IPHONE 3GS!!!!! You don't understand how long i have been waiting for this day, the reason being is i originally had the blackberry pearl in pink and i got my contract for this literally a month before the first ever iPhone came out. I hated my blackberry after about a week of having it, i could never get used to it and so wished i had the iPhone. I had to wait for my contract to run out on the blackberry so i could get the iPhone and i didn't want to be paying to contracts. However luckily i did wait, the timing was perfect as they have now bought out the 3GS which is what i now have :))))))))

I have it in white (the best colour i think) and its a 32GB

Until i find the perfect cover for it i picked up this pink one from the apple store which i have to say i do love but i want something a bit more out there :)
I also then got a screen protector which actually is a mirror reflecting protector so when the LCD screen is on you see it normally(however if someone is trying to look over your shoulder they wont be able to see anything because of the reflection) then when the LCD screen is off its a mirror like you see screen is off but you can see what is on my laptop as i took these pictures with my web cam! I love this feature and think it makes your iPhone really individual!

I am so so so happy!!!!! Had you guessed hehe!!
So guys i will be annoying you alot more with my twitter updates :DDDDDDDD



  1. Oooh it looks fab, Sophie! :)
    I'm looking for a new phone for when i go to Uni - i've heard lots of good things about the iPhone so i may look into getting one.

    Love your blog and vids! x

  2. Ohh it looks amazingg! What wud you give it out of 10? cuz im looking a new fone!

    i jus started following your blog, and it wud mean alot to me if you checked mine out :) xoxo

  3. Hello, I just wanted to comment and say how much I enjoyed your post. I'm loving your blog too - great writing and pictures - thank you for sharing them !


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