Saturday, 22 August 2009

X :) The Body Shop Event :) X

So i was luckily enough to get invited to The Body Shop Bloggers Event so seeing as this was my first event i was overally excited!! You have properly already read alot of post on this as i joined by around 32 other lovely girlie's!

My day started off with me waking up at 6am and getting ready to get on the train into Waterloo at 9am to meet the lovely Holly! I funnily enough met Holly outside The Body Shop in Waterloo which i thought was rather convenient Lol! We then headed off and got on the Baker Loo Line to meet the lovely Zoe at Paddington station! There Zoe was waiting for us so we excitedly headed over to Oxford Circus where we then decided to head down to Selfridges!!!! Yes we did some retail therapy and picked up a few things but that will be in a different post! Funnily enough when we go to Selfridges we met up with about 10 other lovely girlie's who had also decided to do some shopping :)

After spending a good couple of hours in Selfridges we all headed down to the Event which was held at an amazing venue called "Sketch"

Everything about the venue was amazing the decoration the lighting and the toilets haha you will see those in a bit Lol!! We were greeted with Champagne and lovely cakes and sandwiches. After saying hello to everyone and having a good chat we all sat down for the presentation(ALL PICTURES THANKS TO NATALIE AND A FEW FROM ZOE)

So before i go into detail about the event i thought id quickly add in the pictures of the toilets...just look at them, have you ever seen anything like it?? I was totally amazing but also quite scared as they are quite small pods and once inside they speak German to you?!
You can clearly see how Vicky and I are very amazed by the situation Lol
So anyway onto the important bit... We were shown a Natural Smokey look using the new make- up range by Chase Ashton who had the lovely Laura as his model.

We were then shown another look but this time on a gorgeous model who was stunning and this was an amazing 80s look and a few tricks as well which were amazing so i think i will be making a video on this to share with you guys!

We were then split up into two groups one for a store visit and the other to learn about the new Fragrance. We then swapped round...i went to the store visit first and we where shown around by one of the regional managers. We were told we could pick up any samples of anything we like(you guys can do it too it is open to anyone if you would like samples just ask) Then we headed back to learn about the new perfume called "Love Ect" We learnt about how they made it, the ideas behind the name and what was in the perfume itself it was really very interesting.
I was then luckily enough to be given a bottle of the perfume and its amazing smells so so nice!!

Throughout the presentation at the start we were talked through the new make-up range that has just need launched....
Also the Nutriganics Range which i believe will be launched soon.
As well as this amazing hand cream. Which is in aid of EPCAT who are actively working to stop child trafficking & sexual exploitation of children & young people around the UK. I believe some money will go to this charity when purchasing it and it costs £5
Me and my lovely girlies inside the venue!! Love you girls xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

So after the event quite a few people decided to take a trip to Pizza Express but us 4 girls Holly, Gemma and Zoe decided we weren't very hungry and we just wanted to shop hehe so we headed off to Mac Pro although we stopped along the way and got a little carried away the the Apple Store and decided to film a live video which has been posted on Gemmas YouTube lol its very funny indeed! After being in Apple for a good 45 minutes id say we headed down to Mac Pro where we all picked up lots of nice things! It was now getting to the point where we were all shattered and just wanted to sit and have a good girlie gossip so we headed to a bar in Carnaby Street and got ourselves some cocktails and nachos mmmmmm they were good!!
Over all i had THE most amazing day and it was incredible being able to meet everyone! I wish there was more time in the day as i didn't get to talk to everyone like i thought i would be able to! So now its time to look forward to the other events coming up yaaaaay!

I bet your thinking where is the goodie bag?? We were given soooooo much stuff especially lipsticks i was in complete heaven on the train on the way home hehe! So here it is the goodie bag......I'm not going to go through everything as i will be doing full reviews later on!!
So Thank you Body Shop and Thank you to the whole team at Head stream i had an amazing day so i am extremely grateful for the invite.



  1. It was such a wonderful day :) I loved meeting you, just a shame these things can't last longer! Great post sweetie xxx

  2. those toilets look amazing lol, looks like u had a great time! xx

  3. I'm in love with that perfume and hand cream, ahhhh.


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