Monday, 28 September 2009

I've Done It Again :)

We all know how much i love The Pound Shop and guess what i came across??????
Yep amazing eyelashes for £1!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy Huh?

and they are super super nice!!!!

I don't know about the quality as i haven't tried them out yet...once i have i will update :)

These are my favourite pair :))))))))))

Finally St Moriz

For weeks and weeks now i have been longing for this product, searching for it high and low! One night on Twitter i mentioned that i really needed to get my hands on St Mortiz and the lovely Cat from Please please please go check her out she is new to YouTube so doesn't have many post but the ones she does have are great so i think she will go really far!!! As i was saying Lol Cat offered to pick some up for me and send them my way eeeeeee i was soooooo excited! They arrived sooo quickly and inside was the cutest little card. I'm so excited to try this product out...i have been exfoliating for the last 2 days so tonight i think I'm going to apply it or maybe tomorrow night I'm not sure yet but i will defiantly let you guys know what i think of it :))))))))

Thankyou Cat!!! XXXXXXXX

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Scholl Goodies Review :) True Love!!!

As promised here is my review for all the products i got to take home with me after the London Fashion Week On/Off Party Sponsored by Scholl. I have to be totally honest...until receiving these products i hadn't used many Scholl products in the past although i was very familiar with the famous "Party Feet" Aren't we all?!

So before i tell you all about my experiences and thoughts with these products i just wanted to tell you a bit behind the history of Scholl for some of you who may not be aware.

Experts in foot health and comfort since 1904.
Scholl has been looking after feet for over 100 years, ever since the company's founder, Dr William Mathias Scholl, made it his life-long mission to improve the health, comfort and well-being of people through their feet.
This dedication remains as strong as ever and, with the advent of our innovations and new technologies, we are able to provide an ever growing range of footwear and foot care solutions.

With our long heritage in foot care and a sponsors of UK Athletics, we’re keen to ensure Scholl users get the best from our products. This is why we have created The Scholl Team. The Team comprises Dr Phil Vasyli, creator of Scholl Orthaheel, and Salford University’s Centre for Rehabilitation and Human Performance Research, one of the leading research bodies in podiatry.

(Taken from the Scholl website

Whilst on Scholls website i came across alot of great information about looking after your feet and i just wanted to share the Daily Routine provided on the site as i feel it was really very helpful....

Daily Routine
Developing a regular foot-care regime is easy by just rethinking your existing habits. A little bit of care and attention will bring improved, longer-lasting benefits than a sudden attempt to tackle a problem once it’s occurred.

Wash your feet each day
Cleaning away the everyday build-up of dirt and sweat reduces the risk of infection and keeps your feet smelling fresh. Don’t forget the area between your toes – it’s a gathering-point for dirt and bacteria.

Dry them thoroughly
Fungi, such as the types which cause discoloured nails or Athlete’s Foot, thrive in warm, moist conditions. So take a couple of seconds to pull the corner of a towel through the gaps between your toes. You may also want to wash the towel after every use - or set one aside for only drying your feet - since fungi can lie dormant for up to four weeks.

By removing rough or hard skin, you’ll help stimulate healthy skin growth while cleansing your feet and leaving them smooth and soft. Try Scholl Rough Skin Remover, or for exfoliating and moisturising in one, try Scholl Foot Smooth Shower Scrub.
Pumice stones and foot files are a good way to remove hard skin. The Scholl Dual Action Foot File lets you remove rough skin then buff your foot smooth. The secret to successful exfoliating is to use an even rubbing-motion over a wide area without pressing down too hard. Take special care to go gently over joints and bony areas. For more stubborn patches of hard skin, the Scholl Corn and Callus file can be very effective.

After you’ve exfoliated, applying special moisturiser will help to leave your feet feeling soft and smooth. Because the skin of the foot is much thicker than elsewhere on your body, you’ll need a moisturiser with deep penetrating properties. The intensive action of Scholl Deep Moisturising Cream is one of the most advanced foot care moisturising systems available.

Fresh socks, every day
To help your feet stay clean and odour-free, it’s a good idea to change socks, tights or other hosiery every day. Choose natural fibres such as cotton, to let your feet breathe. Also, by rotating footwear, you’ll give enough time for any moisture in your shoes to completely dry up before you wear the shoes again. The Scholl Foot Odour range is specially formulated to keep shoes and trainers clear of unwanted odour.

So onto the products....i thought i would start with my favourite of them all :) My new true love.... Crackling Ice Foot Spray!

So before you hear what i think about it let me share what Scholl have said:

Crackling Ice Foot Spray is an invigorating foot fizz to cool, deodorise and revitalise hot, tired, aching feet. Its gel formulation turns to a crackling mousse on application, leaving your feet silky soft, cool and refreshed.

Yep you heard it....foot fizz Lol its amazing and so fun :) I got given one of these at the beginning of the night and i have to admit my feet were totally killing me already, in fact they were killing me as soon as i left my house but i was determined to wear my gorgeous shoes (as all girls do...we go through pain for beauty haha) So after about 5 minutes of receiving this foot spray i just had to try it i perked myself down on the gorgeous white sofas in the V.I.P area and fizzed my feet felt amazing such a cool feeling in fact literally ice cold feeling it left such a refresehed feeling that my feet instantly felt better. My feet were sore and aching and this totally stopped it, so for the rest of the night every so often i perch myself back on the sofa and used the foot spray again and be in total heaven again haha!! This product is so great to have in your handbag and to use once you get in from your fun but long night out. I don't think you would be able to do what i did but seeing as i was at a party promoting foot products i felt i could stop every so often and use the product but it is certainly something i will always use after my night out and literally soak my feet in :) I love you Crackling Ice Foot Spray!!! Now onto something i know you all know alot about and that is Party Feet however these so happen to be the limited edition Snowflake Party Feet! Now i have used Party Feet in the past and i have always loved them, they have always worked extremely well and kept my feet out of too much pain on a night out.

So again before i go any further lets hear what Scholl have said:

Scholl Party Feet Snowflake Ultra Slim Limited Edition Gel Cushions provide glamorous cushioning to help prevent the burning pain in the balls of your feet, by effectively reducing pressure on the ball of your foot. The now thinner, improved design provides even better comfort and allows 25% more space in your shoe than previous Party Feet Invisible Gel Cushions. The cushion is designed to fit unobtrusively into the ball of foot area of any ladies high heel footwear. Slip these gel pads into your shoes to make your high heels more comfortable and with confidence that they won't slip out. Add some glamour and sparkle to your killer heels with these NEW limited edition cushions.

Now i don't think i can give an honest review these Party Feet and the reason being is, my feet were literally in such pain as soo as i stepped out of my door and made my way to the train station. I have never experienced such pain in all my life, i wear hears near enough every time i go on a night out and i own about 25 pairs of heals and never have i experienced anything like it. The shoes were quite a bad fit to begin with but i was in between sizes so i just went with my usual size 6 and thought i could live with it, but i clearly couldn't! Again once i was given the limited edition Snowflake Party Feet i popped them straight into my shoes hoping they would do the trick, they worked straight away but then my feet gave it and went back to the exact same pain i had been experiencing before so i feel that my feet were in such bad pain that they had gone way to far for anything to have even helped the slightest!!! So I really feel that i didn't get a true representation as to what Party Feet are really like, so i promise that on my next night out i will pop them in before i head out and try them with a pair of shoes that aren't too unbearable but enough to start to hurt after a couple of hours.

One thing though the new glitter touch is sooooooo cute! Onto plasters now, something very basic but very affective.

Again lets hear what Scholl have said:

Party feet Invisible Gel Blister Plasters provide immediate pain and pressure relief, cushioning protection and help to create the ideal healing conditions for blisters. Can be used on areas which rub to prevent blisters from forming.

So obviously after the disaster i had with my shoes they just had to rub as well didn't they? Haha so the next morning i put one of these blister plasters on. Now i have to admit i have used alot of different branded blister plasters in the past as i do suffer from shoes rubbing as i have very slim ankles...anyone else have this problem?! So i am a bit of a pro when it come to this kind of thing haha! They are basically the same as any other blister plaster however it did heal up my blister alot faster than the previous ones i have tried which meant i could remove the plaster after a day which was great, usually before i would have had to have had it on for a least two or three days. Overall very happy to have found a more effective and cheaper blister plaster. So after the long and traumatic time i had with my shoes i thought it was only right to show you all a few pictures of the little madams before i move on!

You can clearly see where i had placed my Party Feet!!!

Remember i told you about the sparkles on the floor in the V.I.P area?? Well you can even see those bits stuck in my shoe haha!!

hmmm :( not impressed with what i thought were my gorgeous new shoes!!
So the next day after my looooong bath at night i applied lots and lots of the Deep Moisturising cream which totally gave the hydration back which my feet needed!! Was extremely soft and creamy. I was given quite a few sachets of this cream so i have been using it pretty much every night and i love it :) I was also given 3 of the Nail Brightening Systems but seeing as i have had a nice pedicure with bright pink nail polish i haven't removed it yet to try out the product! So like the Party Feet i will give you and update once i have used them!!
Once again Scholl thank you so much for an amazing night and thank you so much for introducing me into such amazing products :)

Friday, 25 September 2009

London Fashion Week On/Off Party :)))))))

So last Saturday 19th of September i was SO lucky enough to be invited to one of The London Fashion Week party's and this was for The On/Off Party held in a venue just off 180 The Strand. The party itself was sponsored by Scholl Party Feet. I was invited by the lovely Louise Bowles who works for Scholl, Louise greeted me at the venue and she is absolutely lovely, she made me feel extremely welcome so thank you so much Louise for inviting me i really had such an amazing night!!!
I was allowed to bring along a friend so i invited my gorgeous cousin Brooke to join me at this event..Brooke was just as excited as me about the night and for the 5 days before that is literally all we spoke about we really couldn't contain our excitement!!
Here we are pictured below in the cab on our way to the venue!!!
So like i said before the party was sponsored by Scholl and seeing as i had been invited by Scholl we all got the privilege of starting our night early by drinking champagne before anyone else was allowed to enter!!! Not only that but we had the whole V.I.P Scholl Bar to ourselves(pictures of this to follow)

Seeing as the event was sponsored by Scholl we were all totally showered with soooo many freebies from crackling foot spray to the limited edition sparkly party feet....i have reviews for all of the products i received as i LOVE them all so i will doing a separate post for this!!

The Venue was in what seemed to be a derelict basement but this seemed really cool and different something iv never seen before so i loved it! In the venue they had placed a runway effect on the floor..there was a main bar then also the Scholl V.I.P area!

I was really stuck with what to wear but i just went with a simple cream dress with black belt from River Island.
Yeaaaah i did say it was a derelict basement hehe!!
Throughout the night i met some really wacky crazy people but had so so so much fun!!
Then half way through the night Soul II Soul preformed about 4 of their hit singles and they were really amazing live singers was so amazing getting to see them perform!
Yeeeah more of the "wacky" people!!!
I wanted to save this picture until near the end but this was the amazing V.I.P area where i spent most of the night drinking and having a generally good night!
Look at all the sparkles on the flooooor loves it!!!
Just had to add this picture in as Brooke totally fell in love with this dog that joined us at this party haha love it(the owner was completely out of it so don't even know if he knew he had bought his dog along haha)
So the main task of the night for me and Brooke was to spot out as many famous faces as we could as on the invite it said there was going to be alot of celebs!! The first i spotted was actually Boy George who was sooooooooo scary but i was still overly excited as i knew my mum loves him...i was saying all night i needed to get a picture but he just was too scary for that!! I then heard from someone i met at the party that Martine Mccutcheon was there as well! This wasn't an A list celeb event but more of a C list with alot of designers and fashion stylist.

Had to add this picture as well as you can see the very tanned and sparkly Scholl models who were wearing only very short shorts all night giving out all of the freebies!!
So overall i had an amazing night something iv never experienced before so once again id like to say a HUGE thank you to Louise and Scholl for the invite!!!
Also please keep and eye out for the reviews of the Scholl products!!
Thank you Scholl and On/Off


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Maybelline Bloggers Event!!!

Yes i know this has taken me such a long time to do this post but it is finally here haha! Im going to try and keep it short and sweet as you have all probably seen 100's of posts on it....I'm just going to talk you through the day and then you will slowly see review posts of products we received in our goody bags :) Oh and quickly don't even ask about the random positioning of this post i really don't know what happened :(

My day started out with meeting the lovely Shirley and Zoe at Paddington station when we then made our way to selfridges of course haha!! Above is a picture of me and zoe with the lovely manger of the Illamasqua counter(picture courtesy of Shirley :)

Whilst at Selfridges we then met up with Vicky and headed straight to Hammersmith as we were running kind of late!!!

Still had time for pictures though :DDDD (picture courtesy of Zoe)
Once we finally reached Hammersmith we then headed over to L'oreal Headquarters where the event was being held...i was sooooooo excited to look around this building as i pass it everyday on my route to work and i have always dreamt of working in there Lol!!!
We then headed up to the 8th floor of the building as were greeted with lost of fooooood!!!!

Lovely sandwiches and cute cakes hehe :)))) always a good thing!!!

After filling our bellies and catching up with all the girls we then headed to the back of the room for the main presentation where we were told all about the history of Maybelline and the products, we were then introduced to the new vibrating mascara and new Lipstick line!! This is all very exciting stuff so deserves its on post so keep and eye out for that :)

After the presentation we were then allowed to have a look through all the products they had layed out for us and also pick up some of the foundations in the correct shades for us to try once we got home!!! Whilst we were having a look around the buying and marketing team came down which i thought was fantastic as we were able to ask any questions we like and get a more one to one information about any product you were interested in

Overall i had another fantastic day meeting up with everyone again and also learning about some amazing products!!!!
Now on to the goodie bag!!! Look how much we expect some HUGE reviews guys as i love sooooooooo many of the products!!!

Also i thought i would introduce you to my new family hehe!!! The Dream Matte Mousse Family!!! I really didn't know there were sooo many products to this line but i have totally fallen in love with it but that is all i am revealing now as it will soon have its own dedicated post!!!


Monday, 21 September 2009

Laugh With Me LeeLee!!

Once again i have added to my HUGE collection of perfumes...Opps!
Benefit have released three new gorgeous scents and to top it off they are in the most gorgeous bottles and boxes!! The idea behind the perfumes is about three different girls with different names each with their own appealing scent.
The three different girls are: Laugh with me LeeLee
Something About Sofia
My Place Or Yours Gina

This was the first one i decided to get as in my opinion it is the best...
It is described as a light blend of citrus,jasmine and lily blossoms

Now onto the box......It is a door which opens up and out to the most amazing garden!!!!
Also on the back of the box it describes LeeLee....
her playful wink
and mischievous smile
the flirtatious side
of her innocent style
no thought or worry
of whats meant to be
first laughter then love
"along cam LeeLee"
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i love everything about this perfume
its officially my favourite perfume ever!!!



J'adore Hair Extensions

So about a week ago i picked up some of these hair extensions...I have never heard of them before but i didn't want to pay too much for my first set, i mean i have had soooo many different branded hair extensions in the past but I'm talking about 2 years ago maybe longer. I really just wanted to get some to play around with a bit and get used to having them back and making sure i don't have a mullet with them as my hair is so short!! I got 14 inch as i didn't want them too long and they are 100% human hair...has anyone used these before??? They only cost £30 which i thought was quite reasonable for clip ins!
I hope to invest in some really amazing quality extensions soon however i think this may be after my holiday as all my money is being saved for that hehe :)

Expect a HOTD soooooooon!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Most worn outfit at the moment :)

I just wanted to share with you all my new favourite outfit at the moment...however a black blazer has been added due to the rubbish English weather recently :(

Top/Dress: Next Limited Edition Collection(only seen this in Westfield) was roughly £25
Belt: Topshop £22


Longchamp Loving!

Whilst building up my collection of Longchamp bags i am now obsessed with this little beauty...a small make-up bag!!!!! I was bought this for my birthday and i have used it ever since i love it sooo much. I really didnt know Longchamp went any further than bags but now i know im obsessed with it all so expect some more hauls with these little beauties featured in different colours haha!!!
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