Monday, 7 September 2009

Illamasqua Bloggers Event!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Illamasqua Event which was held on Thursday the 3rd of September at Kettners in Soho which i have to say was such a lovely venue! Kettners itself is actually a champagne house with lots of little rooms and i believe the room we were in was "the apartment" So the reason Illamasqua were holding an event was to showcase their new Autumn winter collection "Dystophia" I was extremely excited to be able to have the opportunity to attend has i have heard so many good things about Illamasqua and i actually had recently bought my first Illamasqua lipstick so i was really excited to see and learn about the new collection! Me, Zoe and Louise
Some testers that were layed out for us to have a peak at(that were unfortunately stolen by someone at the end of night which upset quite a few of us)
Again me, Zoe and Louise :)
We were then given a real insight into Illamasqua by the Creative Director, Alex Box! Alex has such an amazing look and style about her i just couldn't stop looking at her, in a good way of course. I really felt her true passion for Illamasqua which was amazing. The lovely Lydia was then chosen for Alex to create an amazing look on her and my god it was truely incredible! It wasn't something you could wear everyday but never the less it was really amazing..i just wish we were spoken to a bit more throughout as the look took around 45minutes and we all got a bit fidgety so decided to get wonder around looking at the new collection!
This is the end result however my camera didn't capture the true intensity of the look!

So at the end of the night were we lucky enough to be given a goody bag!! This included a postcard and a poster of the promo picture, £20 for our travel expenses(thank you sooo much) and also two products from the new Dystophia collection!
The pictures below really haven't turned out too well so keep an eye out for a video on my YouTube showing you all what i received.
We were all given two different products and the two i was given were a Pure Pigmant in "Android" and a sheer ligloss in "Explode" i was really very happy with these!

Here is a picture of the pigmant without the flash

Here is a picture with the flash

I'm sorry these pictures are so bad the lighting just really wasn't very good and because of this my camera really wouldn't pick up the lip gloss as it is very sheer so please look out for my video showing these products!

All in all i had an amazing evening...was great being able to meet everyone again and also meet new faces :) I feel i haven't learnt too much more into the brand but i have learnt i love the new collection i will hopefully be picking up quite a few things from it!

I would just like to say a quick thank you to all of you at Illamasqua for a really lovely evening :)




  1. Looks like you had a great night, I need to get saving for some Illamasqua!

  2. That pigment looks amazing, have to say I'm jealous.

  3. Looks like you enjoyed yourself! Its a shame about people feeling the need to steal, who would want used testers?? xx

  4. Great post! The UK gets so many blogger events! it looks like lots of fun! I am so eager to get some illamasqua I will be hitting up the website tonight! xx

  5. Ah Wow! You must have had a fabulous time.
    I definitely envy you lol. x

  6. SO SO SO wish I could have gone to this!


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