Friday, 25 September 2009

London Fashion Week On/Off Party :)))))))

So last Saturday 19th of September i was SO lucky enough to be invited to one of The London Fashion Week party's and this was for The On/Off Party held in a venue just off 180 The Strand. The party itself was sponsored by Scholl Party Feet. I was invited by the lovely Louise Bowles who works for Scholl, Louise greeted me at the venue and she is absolutely lovely, she made me feel extremely welcome so thank you so much Louise for inviting me i really had such an amazing night!!!
I was allowed to bring along a friend so i invited my gorgeous cousin Brooke to join me at this event..Brooke was just as excited as me about the night and for the 5 days before that is literally all we spoke about we really couldn't contain our excitement!!
Here we are pictured below in the cab on our way to the venue!!!
So like i said before the party was sponsored by Scholl and seeing as i had been invited by Scholl we all got the privilege of starting our night early by drinking champagne before anyone else was allowed to enter!!! Not only that but we had the whole V.I.P Scholl Bar to ourselves(pictures of this to follow)

Seeing as the event was sponsored by Scholl we were all totally showered with soooo many freebies from crackling foot spray to the limited edition sparkly party feet....i have reviews for all of the products i received as i LOVE them all so i will doing a separate post for this!!

The Venue was in what seemed to be a derelict basement but this seemed really cool and different something iv never seen before so i loved it! In the venue they had placed a runway effect on the floor..there was a main bar then also the Scholl V.I.P area!

I was really stuck with what to wear but i just went with a simple cream dress with black belt from River Island.
Yeaaaah i did say it was a derelict basement hehe!!
Throughout the night i met some really wacky crazy people but had so so so much fun!!
Then half way through the night Soul II Soul preformed about 4 of their hit singles and they were really amazing live singers was so amazing getting to see them perform!
Yeeeah more of the "wacky" people!!!
I wanted to save this picture until near the end but this was the amazing V.I.P area where i spent most of the night drinking and having a generally good night!
Look at all the sparkles on the flooooor loves it!!!
Just had to add this picture in as Brooke totally fell in love with this dog that joined us at this party haha love it(the owner was completely out of it so don't even know if he knew he had bought his dog along haha)
So the main task of the night for me and Brooke was to spot out as many famous faces as we could as on the invite it said there was going to be alot of celebs!! The first i spotted was actually Boy George who was sooooooooo scary but i was still overly excited as i knew my mum loves him...i was saying all night i needed to get a picture but he just was too scary for that!! I then heard from someone i met at the party that Martine Mccutcheon was there as well! This wasn't an A list celeb event but more of a C list with alot of designers and fashion stylist.

Had to add this picture as well as you can see the very tanned and sparkly Scholl models who were wearing only very short shorts all night giving out all of the freebies!!
So overall i had an amazing night something iv never experienced before so once again id like to say a HUGE thank you to Louise and Scholl for the invite!!!
Also please keep and eye out for the reviews of the Scholl products!!
Thank you Scholl and On/Off



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