Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Maybelline Bloggers Event!!!

Yes i know this has taken me such a long time to do this post but it is finally here haha! Im going to try and keep it short and sweet as you have all probably seen 100's of posts on it....I'm just going to talk you through the day and then you will slowly see review posts of products we received in our goody bags :) Oh and quickly don't even ask about the random positioning of this post i really don't know what happened :(

My day started out with meeting the lovely Shirley and Zoe at Paddington station when we then made our way to selfridges of course haha!! Above is a picture of me and zoe with the lovely manger of the Illamasqua counter(picture courtesy of Shirley :)

Whilst at Selfridges we then met up with Vicky and headed straight to Hammersmith as we were running kind of late!!!

Still had time for pictures though :DDDD (picture courtesy of Zoe)
Once we finally reached Hammersmith we then headed over to L'oreal Headquarters where the event was being held...i was sooooooo excited to look around this building as i pass it everyday on my route to work and i have always dreamt of working in there Lol!!!
We then headed up to the 8th floor of the building as were greeted with lost of fooooood!!!!

Lovely sandwiches and cute cakes hehe :)))) always a good thing!!!

After filling our bellies and catching up with all the girls we then headed to the back of the room for the main presentation where we were told all about the history of Maybelline and the products, we were then introduced to the new vibrating mascara and new Lipstick line!! This is all very exciting stuff so deserves its on post so keep and eye out for that :)

After the presentation we were then allowed to have a look through all the products they had layed out for us and also pick up some of the foundations in the correct shades for us to try once we got home!!! Whilst we were having a look around the buying and marketing team came down which i thought was fantastic as we were able to ask any questions we like and get a more one to one information about any product you were interested in

Overall i had another fantastic day meeting up with everyone again and also learning about some amazing products!!!!
Now on to the goodie bag!!! Look how much we received....so expect some HUGE reviews guys as i love sooooooooo many of the products!!!

Also i thought i would introduce you to my new family hehe!!! The Dream Matte Mousse Family!!! I really didn't know there were sooo many products to this line but i have totally fallen in love with it but that is all i am revealing now as it will soon have its own dedicated post!!!


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  1. Looks like you had a brill time.
    Yay for freebies.
    If you pop over to my blog I'm having a little competition xx


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