Sunday, 6 September 2009

My 20th Birthday!

Hey my birthday was Friday the 28th of August, quite a while ago now so im sorry this post has taken me a while!
I just wanted to share a few photos from the BBQ i had a my house with friends and family!

Here i am with my lovely auntie(you will notice that i did change throughout the night Lol)
Uncle and cousins
Me and Pete(work friend)
Me and Aga my bestie at work Yaaaay my birthday cake hehe oh and my dad Lol
Me and my aunty again!
Me Aga and her husband!
Me and Ryan(random picture i know) Me and my lovely nanny!
Me and the gang :) Ryan and the gang :)
We thought this was cool(well i did because of my bright pink nail polish)

By the end of the night i was soooo cold and tired awww bless hehe!
I am now 20 ahhhhhhh no longer an teenager :(



  1. Great post, loving your outfits!!
    Hope you had a fab birthday xx

  2. Happy birthday!!
    twenty is a crap age lol.
    Get any nice presents?

  3. love the pictures...hope you had a great birthday...xoxo

  4. Hope u had a rad birthday! x

  5. Happy birthday :) Love both the outfits you wore!

  6. hey, i´m new here.^^ found your blog interesting so i followed. your bf´s jacket is so filipino! hehe

  7. OMG i have that same blanket ... or blankie as i call it, ive had it about 7 years now and it comes every where with me! hahah!



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