Saturday, 24 October 2009

Bad Skin Days!!

So i just wanted to share with you my 'holy grale' skin care products to get me through those breakout days!! As a little girl going through my teens i was so lucky to never suffer with bad skin or acne but suddenly as i have turned into a big girl my skin is suddenly starting to get worse and worse...I mean i haven't got bad acne i just suffer with break out which really isn't too bad but seeing as i have never suffered i feel its kinda worse than it actually is :)

Onto the products:
Clean&Clear Deep Warming Scrub...around £3.99
Clean&Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser..around £2.99
Freederm Zone Balancing Moituriser...£4.99
Freederm Spot Gel...£5

For a full review on these products then please check out my YouTube video here



  1. hey where do you you get your warming scrub i cant find it anywhere xxx

  2. I get mine either in Boots or Superdrug hun sometimes they even have it in supermarkets! xxx

  3. thanks i think il have to look up every isle this time, i couldnt find it before xxx

  4. Are freederm products any good? I was gunna pick some up from boots as they were on 2 for £8 but wasnt sure out of the range they had which to try!
    Love your blog, please take a look at mine it would make my day!
    <3 xox

  5. the blackhead cleanser is a godess for getting hairdye off your skin trust me lawls :D xx

  6. Woo! Gotta love freederm! Hehe I use it too, along with their exfoliator. Work wonders :) xxx


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