Friday, 23 October 2009

Chanel Bronze Universel

Hi everyone! Wow it feels like i haven't made a post in ages...Wait a minute i haven't :( I'm so sorry guys things have been a bit manic seeing as i am going away for 3 weeks in a week and 4 days so i have been trying to get everything ready for that, as well as trying to get rid of this horrible cold i have at the moment :( I'm going to try and catch up with all my posts before i head of so that when i come back i know I'm all up to date with everything so i can start all my one million holiday posts that there will probably be hehe seeing as there is a FOREVER21 right where i am staying in the Philippines....can you tell I'm excited haha!!!!
Anyway guys lets get on with this post :)
So i know I'm pretty late jumping on the band wagon with this one but this product is something i have been searching high and low since the beginning on my obsession with YouTube videos and Blogs!! This product had such a hype over it when i first starting watching videos but it seems to be THE hardest product to find....even though i do work at the airport i still couldn't get my hands on it, Until 2 days ago :)))))))))))
This is allll thanks to my gorgeous aunt!!!
I popped round to see my cousin and like normal, i did her make-up and hair and we talked about beauty products and all that fun stuff! Then my aunt showed me around her make-up draw where she had the Chanel Bronze Universal lying having no love shown to it as she wouldn't warm to the product so she said that i could have it!!!!!! Ahhhh i was extremely excited...sad i know!!
I have only used it say three times and so far LOVE it i just wish that i had it over the summer as my skin is slightly pale now but this is defiantly a product i will be taking on holiday with me and hopefully continue to use when i return as i hope to have a lovely tan :)
I have just be using on the parts of my face the light catches the most...for head, nose, temples and slightly on my jaw bone but not as a contour! I love the consistency of this product and it smells like holiday too.

So happy i am no longer a Chanel Bronze Universal Virgin :))))
Thank you Aunty xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hey hun great blog i nominated you for awards

  2. This stuff is amazing. It was my HG item in Summer

  3. Wow this looks amazing! cant wait to see a picture of it in use!
    Love your blog, please take a look at mine - it would make my day!
    <3 xox

  4. I'm dying to buy this as well!!! I think I might tomorrow. Getting stuff for free is awesome!


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