Friday, 30 October 2009

First Maxi :)

Hey everyone. So some of you may be aware but i am off to the Philippines on holiday next week and i have been running round like a crazy woman trying to get things sorted :) Seeing as i work at the airport the shops still stock alot of summer wear which is really handy if you go away in the winter and you need a bikini or something. So i popped into Accessorize wanting to pick up a straw hat....i found one but it really didn't suit me, but whilst in there i came across in my opinion the most gorgeous maxi dress!! I have never bought a maxi dress before as i thought it really wouldn't suit me but i decided to just give it a go as i love the design on the dress. There are no fitting rooms at the airport so being very daring i just went ahead and bought it praying i would love it when i go home, and yes i do love it very very much! It's just the right length to wear with flip flops. I think you have to be careful with maxi dresses as they can either be too long or too short but this is just right! I know I'm a bit late on this one but they were in last summer and this summer so i think i can get away with it :)

What do you guys think?!

It retails at £45 but i get it at tax free price which was £39.13 :)

I was going to post a picture of me in it but i think i will save that for when i get back from my holiday and i have taken some pictures of me actually wearing it in the Philippines(hopefully with a nice tan)



  1. Ohh I say this design is pretty unique! The ones I have seen are either pretty vibrant and have too much going on. But this one you got has very nice warm colours! A really nice buy for the holiday! <3

    Hope you have a wonderful time!


  2. What a gorgeous dress :) Really beautiful, I love the colours!!

  3. that really is gorgeous! Good find :) x

  4. My parents are from the Philippines and I went there when I was little. Would luv to go back! Love that dress btw!! :)


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