Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Really quick short post but i just wanted to share with you 3 Soap&Glory products i picked up recently.Apart from Hand Glove, these are my first ever Soap&Glory products but i thought it was the perfect time for me to try some out seeing as i am going away on holiday and can use them while I'm away and also if you spent £12 or over you got a free "The Scrub Of Your Life" So i got the iFoam body wash and the Peachy Cream Big Butter which i have wanted for sooo long as it smells Devinne!!

Expect a review on these products once i return from the PHILIPPINES hehe!



  1. I've only ever tried the righteous butter because I loved the smell so much but will maybe change it up and try the peachy cream one instead...

    I love your blog sophie :) xx

  2. i love soap and glory i hate bath product and stuff like that but soap and glory i will let anyone buy me im always in boots looking at and buy the stuff the smell is amazing aswel. i had the hair mask and the nose something cant remember the name but they worked really well and the bubble bath love it...i could go on all day :D but i wont xx

  3. They all look lovely! Cant wait for the review when you get back!

    Hope you have such an amazing time in the philippines!

    <3 xox


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