Thursday, 26 November 2009

I'm Home :)

Hey everyone, Hope you are all well.
So i returned home from my 3 week holiday late Tuesday night. I'm still struggling with the jet lag but been trying to fight it and get back into a normal routine as i return to work tomorrow!

I had such an amazing time and literally loved every minute of it. The Philippines is a really lovely country and i hope to return every year :)

I have bought a hell of a lot so i have lots of reviews to do for you all but there are still a few products i haven't tried out yet so the reviews will come they just may take a few weeks as i always like to try out products i have bought for a while before i give you all my review!

Sorry for the quick post but i just wanted to let you know I'm all back and i will be back on track with posts in the next few days :)

Speak to you all soon xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Welcome back! Glad that you really enjoyed your time there :) xxx

  2. Welcome back sweety! I'm watching your haul video right now too, lol.


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