Monday, 30 November 2009

Remington Wet2Straight Straightner

OK so for the past 5-6 years i have been 100% faithful to my trusty GHD hair straightener, now i have to admit GHD's are not 100% reliable as they are prone to blowing up...yes this has happened to me twice!! So when Remington got in contact with me i was slightly dubious as all i have known for such a long time is GHD but with such a high price tag i was keen to find a slightly cheaper but still great hair straightener so agreed to give this straighteners a whirl!

Remington have recently released a brand new straightener to the market and it is the Wet2Straight! Like i said earlier my GHD's blew up on me one year and it meant the straighteners being sent away for repair however they couldn't put a time limit on how long it was going to take. In those days my hair was quite long and i was going through the "poker straight"
stage...remember that?!? So i seeing as i wasn't aware how long my GHD's would be away for in a panic attack that i wasn't going to maintain my "poker straight" hair i rushed out and picked up some wet2straight straighteners, unfortunately i don't remember the brand but all i do remember is using them once, hating them and trying to put them back into the box like they had never been used before so i would be able to return them as i really didn't like them! So because of my experience before i have to admit i was slightly concerned as to how these would turn out.
I have to say i seriously wish i had these straighteners for my holiday as they truly would have been a life saver.

Before i go any further with my thoughts I'm just going to share with you what Remington have to say:

Thought you couldn't have a whole day with silky frizz free hair? You were wrong...Introducing the NEW Remington Wet2Straight!

The revolutionary new Wet2Straight straightens your hair directly from wet, locking in moisture making hair less prone to breakage. Have straight, frizz-free hair for longer.

Well well well, i have to say i am totally taken back by these straighteners and have been pleasantly surprised!!! I have used them in total 4 times and to some of you this may seem to soon to be able to review them but from the first use i was totally happy with them. So after thoroughly towel drying my hair and applying a rather large amount of heat protection off i went with parting my hair starting from the back and working my way through the rest off my hair, slowing pulling down on the strand of hair to release all the steam then pulling down once more on the strand to ensure it was fully straightened. I was slightly concerned at first with the amount of steam and noise that was coming from the straightener but this is from the Steam Hydration Therapy so after a while i got totally used to it. My hair usually takes around 10-15minutes max to straighten as it is still very short and this was the same amount of time it took using the Wet2Straight Straightener so you don't even have to worry that it takes a longer period of time and plus you are totally cutting out the blow drying of your hair. What with working shift work and not having much time on my hands to get ready these have been a superb new addition to my everyday routine before work and it means i get an extra 15minutes in bed as i am not having to blow dry my hair :) Thumbs up for that one!!
The straighteners are said to keep you hair frizz-free for up to 8 hours, i don't suffer with frizzy hair so i cant really comment however i do suffer with my hair naturally forming into a slight "kink" by the end of the day which not even my GHD's could fix but the Wet2Straight has helped with this problem. They heat up really quick in 15 seconds, they are really easy to use with just an on/off button, you can use them wet or dry and there is also the option of changing the temperature to your desired heat.
I am also going to try these out on my mums hair and she has naturally curly very thick hair so i would love to see if these work as well with different hair types to mine.

These straighteners are currently retailing for £52.18 with a saving of £26.11 so the original price was £78.29 so if your are interested in buying these then head over to as this is where they are offering a saving!

So all in all i really am very impressed with these straighteners and will carry on using them i just don't know how my GHD's are going to feel about this :)

I just wish i had these straighteners for my holiday as i was out in a very humid country drying my hair was totally dropped as i was getting myself extremely hot and bothered so with these straighteners i wouldn't have had to worry and i would still have straight hair...genius!!!



  1. is it possible you could do a video review of the straightner?

  2. these are rubbish and end up making your hair go curly anyway if it's naturally curly, and they are bad for your hair because it frys the water which isnt good for your hair.

  3. i have had my ghds for 2 years no problems. be careful these woill ruin your hair you need to blow dry then streighten xx

  4. I was thinking of purchasing this too. I'd love to read an update on how well it did with your mums hair. I have curly hair myself and its such a bother to blow dry and then straighten. Take way too much time. Thanks for the review!

  5. Hi hun :)
    I nominated you for an award.

  6. Hey just letting you know i nominated you for the love your blog award :)


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