Monday, 21 December 2009

Blistex Lip Massage

Whilst browsing the isles of Superdrug yesterday i came across a new product from Blistex. Now i have always loved Blistex products, to be honest i think i have tried near enough every single one of their products. Only until i searched up on Blistex website did i realise how many lip products they actually have on the market,
So here is a list for you all...

Hydrating formulas
Lip Massage
Intensive Moisturiser
Lip Splash

Healing Formulas
Relief Cream

Caring Formulas
Daily Lip Conditioner
Conditioning Lip Balm
Lip Tone

Protecting Formulas
Soothing Splash
Med Plus
Med Plus Stick

Now i am sure alot of you could tick off a few there you have tried in the past or use all the time, i know the Intensive Moisturiser is a popular one but like me i think you will be shocked as to how many are available on the market.

So onto the newest edition "Lip Massage" even the name is exciting! Of course when i saw this in Superdrug i had to have it and give it a try.

OK so i think you can tell there is a rather exciting part to this lip balm Lol I'm sorry about the last picture i know it looks a bit funny but i couldn't take it any other way. So this is like a normal twist up lip balm but the only difference is the end, its plastic with ridges on it to give you a massage feel over your lips. Now i know what you are all thinking, yes its gimmicky but i kind of like that about it.

Now at this point I'm just going to jump in and tell you guys what Blistex say about this lip balm...

"When lips are dry and flaky use this softening treat meant lip cream with its unique, massaging tip, for smooth refreshed and gorgeous lips. Twist the cream and use the applicator to gently massage over your lips".

I know the plastic applicator looks like it could really hurt your lips but don't worry it is a soft surface with pliable ridges so the idea behind it is to massage away any rough spots on your lips to leave them smooth and refreshed without irritation. Now what with it being such a cold winter this is going to be a great product for those who suffer with dry chapped lips and i am one of those people so i am so glad to have found this product. I have to say this though, if you do not like thick lip balms then this really isn't going to be for you, however i love them so this is just an added bonus for me. The formula contains Shea Butter, Squalane and Aloe Vera so this is why the consistency is really thick. It also smells gorgeous too, it has a really flowery sweet smell to it...if that combination is possible!!!

I have a feeling i will be stocking up on a few of these and only costing £1.63 you cant really go wrong!

If any of you have tried this or do try it then i would love to know what you think!

Disclaimer: Yes i did purchase this with my own money and No i am Not being paid to do this review, this is my honest thoughts.



  1. I have not tried this and I have to now!! It looks slightly gimmicky like you said but that doesn't bother me. Blistex are definately my most loved balms. Plus who knew it was possible to categorise lip balms in so many ways lol.

  2. I've not tried any blistex products yet and im dieing to, ive only ever heard good things!

  3. I've tried this and it's really good - really moisturising and quite a nice fresh scent too x

  4. i bought this a week ago an have been using constantly!
    it has become my fav lipbalm.
    i hate the taste though so i only apply a very small amount.
    love love love.

  5. Do you know why they discontinued the Blistex Splash - it was the best ever!!!


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