Sunday, 27 December 2009

Lush Boxing Day Sale!

Boxing day sales hmmmmm....Yes i did venture out on Boxing Day morning to Westfield and as predicted returned back with not that much to show due to the fact it was just crazily busy!! However i did end up getting quite a bargain in Lush! I saw on Twitter a few people talking about the Lush sale and to be honest i didn't even think Lush did sales so Lush was one of the first stores i visited and I'm so glad i did. The deal in store was spend £20 and pick a "lucky dip" lush bag filled with £35 worth of goodies...well i couldn't resist. I originally was going to spend £20 on things i actually needed and wanted but to be honest the store was really quite bare, so i went with two gift boxes instead which ended up costing £20.62 or something like that!!

So i got the Sparkle gift box which includes:
Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly
Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bar
10% Off Voucher

The other gift box was Bunty which includes:
Think Pink Bath Ballistic
Creamy Candy Bath Bubble Bar Slice
Pop In The Bath Bar Slice
Butterball Bath Ballistic
10% Off Voucher

Now when i say it was a "lucky dip" bag you got free i mean it was literally pick a large Lush bag from a table of about 30, but i have to admit i did get my boyfriend rummaging through and as soon as he shouted "a large bright pink shower gel" i said "TAKE IT" haha clearly knowing it was Snow Fairy Lol this was the one main item i was hoping to come out with..and i did, the 500g bottle...result!

I'm really happy with what i ended up with but I'm not happy with the way they were just lying in the bottom of the Lush bag, they could have at least wrapped them up as i really don't know how to store them now!!!! Dilemma hey.

OK so onto what i was given in my "Lucky Dip" bag
Wee Harry Bubble Bar
Candy Cane Bubble Bar
Christmas Eve Bubble Bar
Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar
Want to Believe Bath Melt
Satsumo Santa Bath Ballistic
Angels Delight Soap
Father frost Soap

Then for Christmas my boyfriends sister had got me a Star Melt and So White Bath Ballistic which i was really happy about. So i now have the full range and alot of lush goodies to be trying over the next few weeks. So be expecting some reviews guys :)




  1. OMG I was there too, so crowded >_< I couldn't breathe anymore. I didn't get much either coz of that :( Great buys though :)


  2. Glad you put your boyfriend to good use rummaging through the bags lol! :) Looks like you got some lovely bits. xx


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