Saturday, 19 December 2009

Oral B Triumph 5000 electric toothbrush!!

I have just come across this Oral B toothbrush on the Boots website and i just wondered if anyone has one as i think it looks amazing but I'm a bit hesitant about spending £62.50 on a toothbrush although it was originally £159.99.


  1. Im a dental nurse and the triumphs are great, however they did rip off the sonic cleaning technology from phillips who were the first to use this technique, so have a look at phillips Sonicare toothbrushes as i know they have been on offer in boots too.
    Honestly a good electric toothbrush will make such a difference to how clean your teeth will feel and will also make them look naturally whiter.
    Hope i dont sound like to much of a sales man but i have the Sonicare and would never ever go back to a manual brush.
    hope ive helped.xxxx

  2. Oh wow thankyou so much for all your help! Im now spoilt for choice with which one to buy haha!! xxx


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