Saturday, 19 December 2009

When Christmas Shopping Turns To Shopping For Yourself!!

I know we are all guilty of buying a few gifts for ourselves whilst out Christmas shopping so i just thought id share with you what i got today!

I don't think i will ever stop loving floral print to i got these two gorgeous bags from Primark today which will be great for Spring...I know I know, its not even Christmas yet and im thinking about Spring but i had to have some excuse to buy these hehe!

This bag cost £9
and this bag £6
After alot of help via Twitter...Thank you girlie's, i managed to get my hands on a backcombing/teasing brush from an Afro hair store for only £1.50!!

My boyfriend was then kind enough to drive me to the nearest Hobby Craft so i could pick up some magnets for my Mac Palette as i haven't been able to find any anywhere so i ended up buying 10 packets so i know i wont run out!!

Lastly something i was rather excited about!!!! Limited Edition Christmas Oreos!!! Ahhhhhhh bliss! Who else LOVES Oreos :))))



  1. Love Love Love the bags you picked up!! It would have been rude to leave them there!! x

  2. oh my i'm in love with both those bags from primark. i wish there was an online store i could buy those from :/

  3. Omg I love Oreos! Yums wow white Oreos.

  4. I got the oreos from sainsburys last week... £3.49!!! couldnt believe the price, but I had to have them! x

  5. Love the bags :D
    - Love Raspberrykiss <3

  6. I love the second bag. Its so classy and elegant! Omg, I want LE oreos!

  7. OMG I was going to buy that floral sequin one today!!! Lovely!xx


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