Sunday, 31 January 2010

Ugg Spring Collection!

I have been eyeing up these amazing Uggs on the Australian Website for quite some time now and it was actually my gorgeous boyfriend who told me they are now officially available in the Ugg Store in Westfield. So last week my boyfriend took me to have a look at them and i was orginally looking to get the blue ones but once seeing them in person i literally LOVED all three and really can't make my mind up!!! These pictures here do not do them justice at all, there are much better pictures on the Ugg Website. However they are even nicer in person!

Which colours do you like?!

I forgot to mention, i already have the gold/brown tall pair so wanted something a bit different for the Spring!


I am really sorry about the quality of this pictures, it usually takes me ages to get a good NOTD picture but this was the first one i took then my battery died so its going to have to do i'm afraid as i really wanted to show you all this colour :)

This is a gorgeous bright orange by Rimmel London and their I heart Lasting Finish range and the colour is no050 Tangerine Queen.
Like i said in one of my previous posts, i had training all last week so seeing as i wasnt in the Terminal working i could paint my nails so i decided to go for this really OTT but amazing colour :)

Now for £2.99 you can't really go wrong!

Milly-Guest Blogger #1

Hey everyone, so here is my first Guest Blogger for you all to have a look at. I chose Milly to be my first guest blogger as i seriously love her blog. Milly only started blogging maybe 2 weeks ago i have been watching her blog grow and i really do love it and want a lot more people to be reading it. I love her style and i love her hair cut too :) Kinda making me want to cut mine really short again hehe!

So here is an extract from one of Milly's post's.

Hello again tinkers!

Feeling a little blog happy tonight, I thought I'd give my first FOTD a go! These are probably one of my favourite aspects of beauty blogs and love seeing and reading what other girlies slap on their face!

So here's me!
If you would like to see how Milly achieved this look then click Here and it will take you to her blog :)



Sonia Kashuk Brushes!

Now i have had these brushes well over a week but due to my lack of posting i have just got round to showing you now. First off i just wanted to mention, i ordered these brushes from Space.nk and you have all probably heard that the shipping cost £5 which i wasn't too pleased about but seeing as the brushes were an amazing deal at nearly 75% off i couldn't resist ordering anyway. On the Website it states shipping will take 3-5 working days. A week passed and i still hadn't received anything, on the 9th day i get a phone call from Space.nk saying they tried to deliver but no-body was at home, however i don't know if this is entirely true as no card was left through the letter box from the courier so the lady on the phone asked if it was ok to deliver the following day, i said that was fine and that was that. The following day still no sign. Then the day after i get a phone call from a "random man" i wasn't to know who it was, saying..."is this Sophie" i said "whos asking" he said "im a courier for Space Nk" then he said "tell me your address"!!!!! I was in total shock, i said "im sorry but im not willing to give out my address over the phone and to some random man" he replied with "come on love i need to deliver your package" Now the package was being delivered to my boyfriends house so i said i would tell him a digit from the postcode which he was happy with. Then 5 minutes later the package was delivered! I was totally disgusted with what happened and for my package to have taken so long to be delivered i can guarantee i will never be buying anything from the Space Nk website again.
After taking so long to be delivered i expected a little more than 3 poor samples in my package!!

Luckily the brushes are gorgeous and amazing quality so I dont regret buying them!
I got from Left to Right:
Angled Contour Blusher
Synthetic Flat Top Blusher
Large Eyeshadow Brush
Crease Shadow Brush
Round Flat Top Eyeshaow Brush
Smudge Brush
Synthetic Precision Eye Liner

I really love every single brush they are all super soft! I was slightly disappointed with the Angled Brush as its a lot smaller than I hoped! I also really loved the price, each brush ranging from £3-£7 :)

Did anyone else grab a bargain with these brushes?

Monday, 25 January 2010

Update: Guest Blogging

First off wow, i am totally blown away with the feedback i got for the Guest Blogging so a big thank you to all of you who commented. So due to the huge demand i can confirm this will be going ahead :)
Originally i was going to pick the best blogger for the week and have one blog a week but i think i am going to have to up it to two posts a week. It will be spread across the week depending on my days off at work, the days i post the blog will never stay the same that's just not possible with my lifestyle/job sorry guys.

Alot of you have been emailing me already with some post you would like to go up, which is great as i now have them. You can by all means ask to be a guest blogger and send me an extract from a post as i will keep a list of all you girls who email me and then when the two days come where i choose someone i will read back over your post. For those blogs i come across and haven't emailed me or in fact don't even know what i am doing i will send you an email explaining, and ask you if you would like to be a guest blogger, if you do i will ask you to then send me an extract from a post of yours. If you email me to ask me if you can be a Guest Blogger i wont answer yes or no if i want to choose you for that week i will emailing asking you if you would like to do it....just so it is fair for everyone :)
For those of you who are concerned you wont have to send me over any pictures from the post as i will just be showing an "extract" from your blog and after the post it will say "to read more click here" and that's how they will get linked to your blog :) Simples

So i think thats it for the time being. If you have any questions just leave them in the comments below and i will try and get back to you asap, if i am getting a lot of the same questions i will do another Update:Guest Blogging post where i will answer all questions for you guys.

Once again a HUGE thank you for the amazing feedback.

Lets hope we start something special :)

Love you all lots xxxxxxxxxxxx

P.s I don't mind if you spread the word about this, on blogs or twitter whatever takes your fancy!!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Guest Blogging?!

Hey everyone! Me and my boyfriend both enjoy reading blogs just as much as we enjoy writing them! I look at other people's blogs/posts all the time and really love reading them.. but I look at the number of followers and they only have like 25-50 followers however i feel they deserve more!
Well today, my boyfriend and I were driving home and thought of an idea which we thought was really good! It's a way of getting up and coming bloggers the chance to promote their blogs and gain followers! This can be done by uploading a post related to makeup and beauty on their blog, and send me an extract which I shall post on mine with a link to their blog! This gives the reader a flavour of what the post is about and if they like it, they can follow them!

Initially I'll probably do it for 8 weeks to see how it goes, with 8 different bloggers being able to leave their extract and link to their blog on my page so that my lovely followers can read their posts and blog! So now you can read what I read and see where I sometimes gain my inspiration from! It's very similar to what we do on twitter which is promote each others blogs but this slightly more advanced!

What do you all think of this idea?

Please leave a comment below and let me know!

Thanks Guys!

Love you all XxXxXxXxX

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Hair Extension Fail :( Will I Ever Get There?!?

I have had the J'adore Hair Extensions for a while now and haven't been able to wear them as the colour match was just too bad. If you follow me on Twitter then you will know my hair dresser came round today to put a flat brown on my hair gradually getting me towards to light caramel colour i want.So today was the day i thought i would finally be able to wear my extensions...however i was totally wrong. They are STILL totally the wrong colour!! I have taken a picture so you can all see what they actually look like. I love everything about the J'adore extensions except they don't have a colour to match my hair. If anyone knows of a company or shop that has a wide colour range of clip in hair extensions it would be much appreciated as i really really love the way they look.

These have not been styled in any way at all this is how they came out from the packet...but what do you guys think??

I also had a side fringe cut in today aswell so i thought i would take a closer picture so you can see.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Body Double Mist!

For anyone who is traveling through Heathrow Airport at any point you 100% have to stop by the Victoria Secret Beauty Counter. So at the beginning of January staff were allowed to start shopping in World Duty Free(for anyone who isn't aware, i work at Heathrow Airport) Obviously for me this was the most amazing news which i never thought i would hear. Victoria Secret was one of the many brands i was really excited to be able to get my hands on. Me being me i picked up something within minutes and that was the Beauty Rush Body Double Mist. Unlike normal body mist this one has two layers, a skin conditioner and the fragrance which you shake up ready to spray all over your body. Having the added skin conditioner means your skin is left feeling really smooth and silky. Some may think the skin conditioner is a little greasy but after it dries it does leave your skin silky not greasy. I am personally a huge fan of spray body moisturiser/mists it just makes moisturising after my shower a lot easier and faster, and with this product just as affective as moisturising normally due to the skin conditioner. Like all Victoria Secret products these body mist spell delicious , every single one of them, so can you imagine me trying to pick just one!!! Took a while but i got there and go myself "Coconut Craze" mmmmmmm amazing :) I have to admit this is such a summer smell so i have stopped using it now as it just doesn't seem right but this will 100% be repurchased in the summer along with all the other fragrances...which are
Candy Baby
Juiced Berry
Honey Do
Plum Drop
Is your mouth watering yet??    Wait for it...
Berry Smooch
Cherry Bomb
yeah there we go watering now right :) These are the newest editions which are from the "sweet" range. Which isnt available at World Duty Free yet, i will update when they are!
The size of the bottle is 8.4oz and costs £7.00 in duty free.

Thank you for reading! X

Lush: Lemony Flutter Review

As you may have seen in one of my recent NOTD posts i have finally grown my nails. So of course this means i want to take really good care of my nails and also my cuticles. Off i went to Lush and grabbed myself some Lemony Flutter due to some reviews i have read about how amazing this product is, and they were not wrong. I have used Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream in the past but nothing can compare to this Lemony Flutter. I have been using this for a week now and my cuticles have never looked better. Unlike other cuticle oils/creams which are normally the consistency of Vaseline or maybe slightly harder, this Lemony flutter is a thick yellow cream/paste formula which makes it really easy to apply and it aslo dries really quickly. At first it will smooth into a oil base but then will dry and leave your cuticles really soft. Lush also says you can apply this to other dry parts of the body, like elbows, knees and feet. Now the smell for me is like heaven, i love lemon scents and this is such a strong over powering lemon so for me its true love but for anyone who doesn't like lemon you may have to give this one a miss. Finally the best thing about this product is the price, it comes in at £5.37 for 50g of product which is a more than enough product which will last you a really long time. I am now hooked on this Lemony Flutter and don't think my cuticles will be able to live without it. Thank You Lush.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Haiti Needs You!!

Hello my lovely followers. Now I'm sure you are all aware that there has been a devastating earthquake in Haiti earlier this week. The massively destructive earthquake has killed and injured thousands of people. With Haiti being the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere all hospitals, schools and pretty much most buildings have been destroyed so there is no where for people to go to receive medical treat meant.

The lovely Gemma from Gemsmaquillage has made and posted a video on YouTube about the disaster and how WE as a community can HELP!!! Gemma has done an amazing this and we are all so so proud of you.

Please watch her video to learn how YOU can help!

Any donation amount, whether that be a small amount or large amount will be appreciated and you can help do your bit to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.
All donations made are 100% secure and go straight to the Charities and not Gemma. Any revenue Gemma makes from her video will also go straight to the charities.

So to the important parts...

Click the links below to donate to the DEC

Click the link below to donate to Doctors Without Borders

Its times like this when we need to all come together to make a difference. Please re-tweet my blog post and re tweet Gemmas video anything you do will help.

Me and my boyfriend were happy to donate as this was such an amazing idea. Id love to know if you have donated.

Thank you so much everyone :)

Thursday, 14 January 2010


I know, I know its taken me a while to jump on this bandwagon but i finally have. For years i was having acrylic nail extensions applied to my real nails as it was such a tough task to grow my real nails, its only taken me until I'm 20 but iv finally done it :) Big Smile :) So i can now start using all the gorgeous nail varnishes i have bought in the past and either not used at all or used them on my toes. One big problem though, i cant wear nail varnish for work so i only get to wear it 2 days out of 7 which is slightly disappointing.

Last night quite late at night i decided to paint my nails with Eyekos famous pastel blue nail varnish and i love it. It did take 3 coats to get a good coverage but in the end it was worth it.
Also so far so good with the chipping side of things :) Hope you like it xxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 9 January 2010


This was yesterday's outfit but i have only just had the chance to upload it.

 Coat: H&M
Scarf: Primark
Bag: Chanel look a like(purchased in the Philippines)
Jeggings: New Look
Boots: Gold Uggs

View from opposite my house :)

Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Balm To The Rescue Vegan Lip Treatment

A short but sweet post about a product i came across in the Philippines and after seeing great reviews in Filipino magazines i hunted this product down and found it in a shop called Beauty Bar i believe.

Since being home i have researched alot into The Balm company itself, now for anyone who loves Benefit then you are for sure going to love The Balm. The packaging is similar very girly and fun which is probably what drew me in to this lip balm. I think i have got slightly obsessed with lip balms over the last couple of weeks due to this awfully cold weather. This lip balm is quite similar to Vaseline however its got a bit of a thicker consistency which i much prefer as i hate the feeling of Vaseline on your lips, its a bit too watery for me. The balm is infused with vitamins and is 100% vegan. It also doesn't have much of a scent just a slight mint flavour to it. I just love how big and funky it is!!

What The Balm say: TheBalm To The Rescue is formulated with smart micro-exfoliating crystals that dissolve to leave lips kissably soft.

By buying this product, not only are you doing something good for yourself but all net proceeds from this oversized gem are donated to Pug Rescue.

The balm have some lovely bronzers and blushers available and aslo this gorgeous palette which i would love to try.

Thanks for reading everyone :)

Pure Luxe Cosmetics.

Pure Luxe Cosmetics is a mineral make-up company who have on offer some amazing mineral pigments that i wanted to share with you all today. Now i first came across this company when i found Natalya from filthygorgeousmakeup on YouTube and Natalya was using these pigments for alot of her make-up looks so i decided to check out the website Link Here. They have a wide range of make-up to offer on the website anything from mineral bronze to mineral blusher and of course the mineral pigment. The great thing about Pure Luxe Cosmetics is they sell sample sizes of near enough every product they sell and these samples are at amazing prizes...$1 for a sample of the pigments yes $1, I'm not sure of the current exchange rate but I'm sure that works out to be about 70p or so...amazing huh?! I decided to order roughly around 10 pigment samples to see what the quality of them was like. Shipping prices are really reasonable and shipping was really fast too. So when i received my first set of 10 i couldn't believe the quality and pigmentation that i now have slight obsession with these pigments hahaha.

As you can see i have built up quite a collection in the last couple of months :)

I just picked out four so you can see the size of the container
Also they are all labeled with the name of the pigment on the bottom.

Im sorry about the quality of the picture but i also just wanted you to see how much product you get in each sample...for a sample you get a lovely amount of product that will last you a really long time. To be exact you get 1/16 of a tsp in a jar :)
I use these pigments dry or i spray my brush with some fix + to use them slighty wet and this gives an amazing colour pay off.
They offer some gorgeous bright colours to lovely natural netural colours. Also there is a new Winter Collection out which i cant wait to place my order for!!

So if you are looking to try out some make-up looks with pigments but dont want to fork out a fortune on Mac pigments then you should check out Pure Luxe Minerals as you can get around 20 of these for the cost of 1 Mac pigmant!!

Thankyou for reading!!


Disclaimer: I bought all products with my own money and i am in no way associated with Pure Luxe Cosmetics!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Revlon Colourstay Mineral Mousse Foundation: A Review

OK guys so once again all my UK followers are going to hate me for doing a review of a product which hasn't been released in the UK yet but I'm sure you will love me for it when this product is released so you can go straight out and buy it thinking of my review Lol! Anyway i managed to pick this product up whilst i was on holiday in the Philippines and it cost around £11.00...maybe a bit steep for a drugstore product?? Two initial great things about this product 1. it has SPF 20 in it and 2. the packaging is great, unlike all these glass bottles I'm used too its a tube so the product is alot easier to remove and you don't end up wasting half of it.

Overall i am incredibly shocked with this product, although i love every Revlon product for some reason i was a bit sceptical about this foundation but i have to say it is now my new love...but not everyday as i don't want to run out!!!

The coverage with this foundation is amazing, it totally took me by surprise! The texture while applying is that of a whipped foundation and drys really fast so you have to work quickly and because of this its not a buildable foundation due to the texture its very much a matte finish so once all over is enough other wise you will end up looking too cakey. Staying power is great i have used it with a primer and a moisturiser and both worked just as well to keep this bad boy in place. Although this product is mineral based its really quite thick so i think this has something to do with its amazing staying power.Please don't get put off by the words thick it is sheer enough so your skin can breath! A matte finish is really big and the moment so this is definitely something to try if that's what you are looking for.

I havent suffered with many foundations breaking me out so i cant really comment on weither this product does or not..sorry! I have read that this is great for people with oily/combination skin and no-one yet has broken out...fingers crossed!

Hopefully this foundation will be released in the UK soon as i dont know how i will cope when i run out of this :((

Amazing product!!



Ask Me Anything!

Go on you know you want to Ask me any questions and i will check it everyday after work and reply as soon as possible, dont forget i work till quite late so dont think im rude if i dont reply quickly i will get back to you...pinky promise!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!!!

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and take this time to thank all of my lovely followers, i really do appreciate every single one of you!! I hope 2010 brings you and yours families Love and Happiness!!

Stay Safe!!!


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