Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Hair Extension Fail :( Will I Ever Get There?!?

I have had the J'adore Hair Extensions for a while now and haven't been able to wear them as the colour match was just too bad. If you follow me on Twitter then you will know my hair dresser came round today to put a flat brown on my hair gradually getting me towards to light caramel colour i want.So today was the day i thought i would finally be able to wear my extensions...however i was totally wrong. They are STILL totally the wrong colour!! I have taken a picture so you can all see what they actually look like. I love everything about the J'adore extensions except they don't have a colour to match my hair. If anyone knows of a company or shop that has a wide colour range of clip in hair extensions it would be much appreciated as i really really love the way they look.

These have not been styled in any way at all this is how they came out from the packet...but what do you guys think??

I also had a side fringe cut in today aswell so i thought i would take a closer picture so you can see.


  1. Have u seen Imogen's Foxy Locks ones? http://www.foxylocksextensions.com/

    They are so thick and gorgeous.

    It's dead tricky matching up extensions. It would be best if you could dye them the same colour dye that is used on your own hair? x

  2. They look really gorgeous!!

    I have tried dying extensions before but it made the extensions change quality...they became really brittle and dry..but that was prob something to do with the quality of the extensions!!

    Thankyou for the recommendation chick :)

  3. I'm getting sidetracked by your uber cute shirt!!!! Colouring the extensions with semi perm colour should be ok I would think!! It only deposits colour so it shouldn't dry them!

  4. I really like the extentions on you actually :) I got mine from a seller on ebay and it turned out to only 95 grams of hair which is too scanty to blend in with the rest of my hair :( I wonder if i'l ever get it right with hair extensions!

  5. Your hair still looks gorgeous! Maybe you could dye the extensions with whatever dye colour you used for your hair? xoxo

  6. The extensions look nice, just need to be thicker.
    Like Victoria I'd recommend FoxyLocks, if not have you tried making your own & doubling the wefts up? :)
    Also, try a conditioning treatment on them when you've dyed them, my hairdresser did this with some cheap extensions I had and they came back in exellent condition.

  7. if your extnsions are human hair, then you should be able to colour them as to whatever colour you like.
    there is a video that hollymae uploaded about extnsions she bough from a website called rapunzelraunzel or something..here's the link to her vid
    hope it helps!

  8. I bought foxylocks extensions as Victoria said at the top! They are fantastic! I think they only have about 10 colours, but as they are human hair you should be able to dye them!


    This is my review if you want to have a look x

  9. I much prefer you with short hair. You OWN your short hairstyle, that looks amazing on you and really brings out your eyes x

  10. how about rupunzle rupunzle they r amazing extensions x


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