Sunday, 31 January 2010

Milly-Guest Blogger #1

Hey everyone, so here is my first Guest Blogger for you all to have a look at. I chose Milly to be my first guest blogger as i seriously love her blog. Milly only started blogging maybe 2 weeks ago i have been watching her blog grow and i really do love it and want a lot more people to be reading it. I love her style and i love her hair cut too :) Kinda making me want to cut mine really short again hehe!

So here is an extract from one of Milly's post's.

Hello again tinkers!

Feeling a little blog happy tonight, I thought I'd give my first FOTD a go! These are probably one of my favourite aspects of beauty blogs and love seeing and reading what other girlies slap on their face!

So here's me!
If you would like to see how Milly achieved this look then click Here and it will take you to her blog :)



1 comment

  1. Thanks Sophie, Milly's blog is lovely, I just followed!

    This was a great idea :)



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