Thursday, 7 January 2010

Pure Luxe Cosmetics.

Pure Luxe Cosmetics is a mineral make-up company who have on offer some amazing mineral pigments that i wanted to share with you all today. Now i first came across this company when i found Natalya from filthygorgeousmakeup on YouTube and Natalya was using these pigments for alot of her make-up looks so i decided to check out the website Link Here. They have a wide range of make-up to offer on the website anything from mineral bronze to mineral blusher and of course the mineral pigment. The great thing about Pure Luxe Cosmetics is they sell sample sizes of near enough every product they sell and these samples are at amazing prizes...$1 for a sample of the pigments yes $1, I'm not sure of the current exchange rate but I'm sure that works out to be about 70p or so...amazing huh?! I decided to order roughly around 10 pigment samples to see what the quality of them was like. Shipping prices are really reasonable and shipping was really fast too. So when i received my first set of 10 i couldn't believe the quality and pigmentation that i now have slight obsession with these pigments hahaha.

As you can see i have built up quite a collection in the last couple of months :)

I just picked out four so you can see the size of the container
Also they are all labeled with the name of the pigment on the bottom.

Im sorry about the quality of the picture but i also just wanted you to see how much product you get in each sample...for a sample you get a lovely amount of product that will last you a really long time. To be exact you get 1/16 of a tsp in a jar :)
I use these pigments dry or i spray my brush with some fix + to use them slighty wet and this gives an amazing colour pay off.
They offer some gorgeous bright colours to lovely natural netural colours. Also there is a new Winter Collection out which i cant wait to place my order for!!

So if you are looking to try out some make-up looks with pigments but dont want to fork out a fortune on Mac pigments then you should check out Pure Luxe Minerals as you can get around 20 of these for the cost of 1 Mac pigmant!!

Thankyou for reading!!


Disclaimer: I bought all products with my own money and i am in no way associated with Pure Luxe Cosmetics!


  1. Thanks for sharing, I'll have to check these out! I do love mineral make up :)


  2. I've just recently been thinking about trying out more pigments as I only have one! Thanks!

  3. Those colors look like fun to play with! Love the price tag as well :)

  4. They look amazing! I often get MAC pigment samples for the size as I would never use a full one (apart from Vanilla!) so these look perfect. Def going to check them out!! x


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