Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sonia Kashuk Brushes!

Now i have had these brushes well over a week but due to my lack of posting i have just got round to showing you now. First off i just wanted to mention, i ordered these brushes from Space.nk and you have all probably heard that the shipping cost £5 which i wasn't too pleased about but seeing as the brushes were an amazing deal at nearly 75% off i couldn't resist ordering anyway. On the Website it states shipping will take 3-5 working days. A week passed and i still hadn't received anything, on the 9th day i get a phone call from Space.nk saying they tried to deliver but no-body was at home, however i don't know if this is entirely true as no card was left through the letter box from the courier so the lady on the phone asked if it was ok to deliver the following day, i said that was fine and that was that. The following day still no sign. Then the day after i get a phone call from a "random man" i wasn't to know who it was, saying..."is this Sophie" i said "whos asking" he said "im a courier for Space Nk" then he said "tell me your address"!!!!! I was in total shock, i said "im sorry but im not willing to give out my address over the phone and to some random man" he replied with "come on love i need to deliver your package" Now the package was being delivered to my boyfriends house so i said i would tell him a digit from the postcode which he was happy with. Then 5 minutes later the package was delivered! I was totally disgusted with what happened and for my package to have taken so long to be delivered i can guarantee i will never be buying anything from the Space Nk website again.
After taking so long to be delivered i expected a little more than 3 poor samples in my package!!

Luckily the brushes are gorgeous and amazing quality so I dont regret buying them!
I got from Left to Right:
Angled Contour Blusher
Synthetic Flat Top Blusher
Large Eyeshadow Brush
Crease Shadow Brush
Round Flat Top Eyeshaow Brush
Smudge Brush
Synthetic Precision Eye Liner

I really love every single brush they are all super soft! I was slightly disappointed with the Angled Brush as its a lot smaller than I hoped! I also really loved the price, each brush ranging from £3-£7 :)

Did anyone else grab a bargain with these brushes?


  1. I bought a few from Space NK web too. But £5 delivery, I wasn't too please on that as it took more than a week to delivery. I also wrote a review for the brushes, feel free to look at my blog. ;-P


  2. It took over a week for mine to be delivered too- I posted about it on my blog and was told to complain as one girl received a refund. I emailed them and complained and they are sending me some skincare samples. It's probably worth emailing them about it :)

  3. i love the look and feel of her flat top brush! they are so soft. i havent been able to convince myself to buy it yet


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