Sunday, 31 January 2010

Ugg Spring Collection!

I have been eyeing up these amazing Uggs on the Australian Website for quite some time now and it was actually my gorgeous boyfriend who told me they are now officially available in the Ugg Store in Westfield. So last week my boyfriend took me to have a look at them and i was orginally looking to get the blue ones but once seeing them in person i literally LOVED all three and really can't make my mind up!!! These pictures here do not do them justice at all, there are much better pictures on the Ugg Website. However they are even nicer in person!

Which colours do you like?!

I forgot to mention, i already have the gold/brown tall pair so wanted something a bit different for the Spring!


  1. Green, but dont think i would wear either. X

  2. I'm a massive pink girlie fan but I am weirdly being drawn to
    the olive green ones. For spring summer with little tea dresses or jeggings and a floaty floral top, these would look preeeeetty!! :)

  3. Definitely the blue,
    I like the pink lots but blue would go with more outfits.
    Love them!!

  4. I adore the pink (as I love pink!) all the green a swith denim would look really nice. I have some lilac ones as well as the grey and tan (yeah, you gussed right, I am slightly Ugg obsessed)! He he!
    Love your blog girly :)
    P.S-I would love to be a guest blogger some day and sent you a little email :) xoxo

  5. I think you could pull off the pink ones :) but to play it safe you could go for the green.

  6. Oh I love Uggs. I really want the eggplant colour ones but out of these three it would have to be the pink!! xx

  7. Pink, the other ones are too chicken.

  8. arghhh i saw them today in westfield! so nice, love the blue ones...xxxxx


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