Monday, 18 January 2010

Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Body Double Mist!

For anyone who is traveling through Heathrow Airport at any point you 100% have to stop by the Victoria Secret Beauty Counter. So at the beginning of January staff were allowed to start shopping in World Duty Free(for anyone who isn't aware, i work at Heathrow Airport) Obviously for me this was the most amazing news which i never thought i would hear. Victoria Secret was one of the many brands i was really excited to be able to get my hands on. Me being me i picked up something within minutes and that was the Beauty Rush Body Double Mist. Unlike normal body mist this one has two layers, a skin conditioner and the fragrance which you shake up ready to spray all over your body. Having the added skin conditioner means your skin is left feeling really smooth and silky. Some may think the skin conditioner is a little greasy but after it dries it does leave your skin silky not greasy. I am personally a huge fan of spray body moisturiser/mists it just makes moisturising after my shower a lot easier and faster, and with this product just as affective as moisturising normally due to the skin conditioner. Like all Victoria Secret products these body mist spell delicious , every single one of them, so can you imagine me trying to pick just one!!! Took a while but i got there and go myself "Coconut Craze" mmmmmmm amazing :) I have to admit this is such a summer smell so i have stopped using it now as it just doesn't seem right but this will 100% be repurchased in the summer along with all the other fragrances...which are
Candy Baby
Juiced Berry
Honey Do
Plum Drop
Is your mouth watering yet??    Wait for it...
Berry Smooch
Cherry Bomb
yeah there we go watering now right :) These are the newest editions which are from the "sweet" range. Which isnt available at World Duty Free yet, i will update when they are!
The size of the bottle is 8.4oz and costs £7.00 in duty free.

Thank you for reading! X


  1. They sound amazing!! Must get my hands on one! ...or three... xx

  2. I love these, I get them from a seller on ebay. Otherwise I would be booking a cheap flight just to peruse the Duty Fee lol! Have you tried the Secret Garden ones? They are lovely also. xx

  3. i would love to work in a airport. i love the atmosphere! i bought the appletini last time at heathrow and its lovely. x

  4. I have Candy Baby and I love it! Can't wait to try out the new ones!

  5. Hey!

    Love love love Victoria's Secret scents...

    Do they sell victoria secret @ terminal 4? The shop is after immigration isn't it?

    Thanks for you help, the blog's really good btw! :)



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