Saturday, 27 February 2010

Giveaway Winner :)

Hi guys! Hope you are all well! Sorry i have been a little MIA over the last week i just have been totally shattered from work and currently working lots of over time to save lots of monies for my holiday in august :) I will get back on track from now on i promise!

So today i just wanted to announce the winner of my mini giveaway so....

Congratulations to NINA from 

The winner was chosen from!!

If you could contact me at with your delivery information that would be great hun :)

Thankyou to everyone who entered. My 500 followers giveaway will be posted this week so keep an eye out for that..iv got a little feeling you will all love the prize hehe!

Take care everyone and i will see you all in my next post!

Lots of Love

Friday, 19 February 2010


I had a very lazy day today but quickly popped out with my boyfriend so i thought i would share with you what i wear on a lazy day!

Jacket- Primark
Slouch Jumper- New Look
Jeggings- New Look
Gold Uggs
Louis Vuitton Speedy 30
I also usually wear my glasses on lazy days!


ByeBye Laguna :(

It's a sad sad day for me today :( My Nars Laguna bronzer has come to it's last day!! Soooo annoying as there was still sooo much product left!

Bye Laguna

Feedback-Guest Blogging!

Hi everyone, hope you are all well. So i just wanted to make a really quick post to get some feedback from you guys about my Guest Blogging idea. I have now had 3 guest bloggers and got a few more to come but i just wanted to make sure you guys still think its a good idea and if there is anything you think i should change about it. Anything you have to say about it i would love to hear guys :)

P.S For anyone in the UK Who do you think killed Archie?? Im a tiny bit excited about the live show tonight hehe! X


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Joanna-Guest Blogger#3

Hey everyone. Today i have another amazing guest blogger for you and her name is Joanna. I came across Joanna's blog recently and was instantly addicted. Her make-up skills are simply beautiful and i love the way Joanna writes. I believe Joanna's blog is still fairly new but im sure her blog will keep growing and growing! I really do love this blog and want a lot more people to be reading it.

So here is an extract from one of Joanna's post's.

Bliss' Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask offers an instant fix for dull, tired skin in just 5 minutes! Who doesn't have 5 minutes to spare to help give their face a little pick me up? This product squirts out in a serum like texture but once applied onto damp skin, transforms into a foamy texture. Over the next five minutes, watch as the bubbles disappear (supposedly the dehydrated area's of your face pulling in the oxygen), and once the time is up, rinse the product off and voila you're done. So how do I rate this product?

If you would like to find out how Joanna rates this product then click HERE and it will take you directly to the post :)


Marks&Spencers Essential Colours

I popped into Marks&Spencers last week so get myself some new work trousers and as i was walking past the beauty section i remembered Marks&Spencers had launched their Essential Colours range of nail varnishes, so i took the chance to have a quick look at them!

They are all really gorgeous colours but quite a few are similar colours to what i already have so i just picked up 3.

Neon Yellow with flash


Neon Yellow without flash


Pastel with flash


Pastel without flash


Mint Green with flash

    Mint Green without flash


I really love all 3 colours but my favourite has to be the lilac pastel as it reall is'nt like any other colour i have it is alot more pale than most lilac pastel nail varnishes!

Now these cost £2.50 which is a total bargain so i would highly recoomend checking them out!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

NOTD-Sophie's Pink :)

Now this officially has to be one my new favourite nail varnishes of all time...not JUST because of the name hehe well i guess that does have something to do with it :) Honestly though the colours is gorgeous and the texture of the varnish is amazing, one coat does the job perfectly and it also dries slightly matte which i really like as well. So overall i love the colour,name,formula and Models Own It nail varnishes*big thumbs up*


Thursday, 11 February 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen

RIP Alexander McQueen-Gone but never forgotten, your work and your memory lives on!

A true fashion genius.

You will be truely missed.


Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I wasn't going to upload this picture as i really didn't like it but i thought what the heck i might aswell!
This is the make-up i wore on Saturday night! Check out my Outfit HERE !

Laura Mercier Primer
M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer

M.A.C Select Moisturecover Concealer
M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid-NW20
E.L.F Translucent Matifying Powder
Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Power
Nars Laguna Bronzer
Chanel Bronze Universal for contour

Nars Orgasm
M.A.C By Candlelight MSF to highlight

M.A.C Rubenesque Paint Pot
M.A.C All That Glitters Eyeshadow
M.A.C Tempting Eyeshadow in the crease
Nicola Girls Aloud Lashes(my fav)
Rimmel Kohl Black Pencil
E.L.F Brow Kit

Maybelline Colour Sensational 420 Coral Pop

Thats it guys!
Hope you like it :)



Katy Guest-Blogger #2

Hello my lovelys so i would like to welcome you all to my second Guest Blogger Katy. Katy has been a make-up artists for 13 years and has also worked as a trainer! I love her blog and i love her work too so i hope by making Katy a guest blogger it will really boost her followers :)

So here is an extract from one of Katy's post's

My Favourite Eyes so far.

Hi Girls,

I've been looking through some of my make-up pictures and I wanted to post a few of my favourite looks to showcase the diversity than make-up can achieve. This is something I'll add to as I discover new eye looks and products.
These were for a portrait picture session I had done, so the look is very smoky and defined. I used my favourite false lashes - Ardell Demi Wispies

If you would like to see more or Katy's looks then click HERE and it will take you to Katy's Blog


Mini Giveaway :) CLOSED!!!!!

I was just thinking tonight that i haven't actually done a contest or giveaway on my blog however i did quite a few on YouTube so i thought it was about time i gave my lovely followers a little gift. I was saving a giveaway until i reach 500 followers but im in a giving mood tonight and just thought why not :)

So up for grabs is M.A.C's ColourCrafted Limited Edition Lipstick :) This is one of my favourite lipsticks which was released with the Colour Crafted Collection!

You must be a follower of my blog :)

Just type "enter me" into the comments box

You can enter as many times as you like as i will be using to select the winner

If you are under 18 please gain permission from your parents as i will need your address to post the prize

The closing date will be the 17th of Feb at 10pm

Thats it my lovelys!!

Feel free to do a blog post about linking this contest or tweet this for more of a chance of winning just let me know if you have :)

This giveaway is open worldwide

Good Luck guys!!


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

BeautyJudge UK Beauty Blog & Vlog Awards 2010

Hey guys. I have got some exciting news!!!! I have been nominated for a BeautyJudge UK Beauty Blog & Vlog Award in The Everyday Woman Category :) HUGE smile there hehe!!! Its sooooooooo exciting and i really can't believe i have been nominated!!!

Now this is where i need YOU my lovely followers to get invloved. Obviously i need lots and lots of votes and i was hoping you guys would'nt mind doing this for me :)

TO VOTE FOR ME all you need to do is click THIS link and add MY VOTING ID which is EWA1038!!

It would actually make my year if i won this award so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go vote for me :)

Not only will I win the title of The BeautyJudge UK Beauty Blog Winner but there is also something for you guys to win if you vote for me...yep you heard that right there is also something for YOU to win!!!

If you vote for me you will get put into the draw to be in for the chance to win an amazing hamper full of goodies worth £100!!

So guys you know you want to...Just click THIS link to vote and add My Voting ID EWA1038.

Thank You so much it really would mean the world to me :)

Good Luck to all of us :)

I know you all want to win that amazing hamper!!

If you would like to find out more about this award then click THIS link here which has all the information!

Sunday, 7 February 2010


Hey girlies hope you are all well and have had a brilliant weekend.
I went out last night with my cousin so just thought id share with you what i wore :)

Dress- River Island
Shoes- New Look
Watch-Tag heuer
Hope you like :)

Friday, 5 February 2010

Fiat 500 Barbie Edition!

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!! Is'nt this just amazing?!?!?!

I have wanted a Fiat 500 for a long long time now in the pearlescent cream colour.
However Fiat have just released at Limited Edition Barbie Pink!!

Don't you just love it?!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Soap&Glory Perfume&Bronzer

Whilst pursuing the isles of Boots the other day i came to the Soap&Glory section and noticed

1. They had a 30% off offer on
and 2. They sell perfume and bronzer??

I am a true Soap&Glory lover and i never knew this?! Crazy! So i decided to take advantage of this offer as i had a lot of points on my boots advantage card, don't you just love it when that happens?

Now the perfume may not be for everyone, its a real musky winter smell but i fell in love with it and also the packaging as well! Its 30ml so its great to just keep in your handbag.

I then took a look at the bronzer and like all Soap&Glory products loved the packaging but you all know that Soap&Glory do have the best packaging right?!

Its a bronzer duo with a lighter and darker shade, great for contouring. I have hit pan on my Nars Laguna so thought it would be a great idea to pick this up. I also loved that the Soap&Glory logo was actually a pearlescent purple colour to give that added glow.

However after literally one swatch the majority of the product had disappeared which was slightly annoying but never the less a lovely golden bronzer!
Whats your favourite Soap&Glory product?!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Oral B Triumph 5000 Review/Challenge

Hey guys, so if you remember around the beginning of January I made a post asking if anyone had tried the Oral B Triumph 5000 electric toothbrush as i was interested in buying one as it was on a half price offer in boots however i wanted some feedback before purchasing it. The following day i receive an email from a lovely lady who does the PR for Oral B asking if i would be happy to be sent the Oral B toothbrush to start the Oral B challenge and also do a review on could i resist?! I mean i was desperate to buy one so it just made sense. Just so you are all aware this is my own personal opinion/review and i am not being paid to do this review! After sending off my shipping address i was told the package would be sent out that day and it should be with me within 1-2 days, the following morning it has arrived at my house!! Super fast shipping hey?! I was currently at my boyfriends so my mum left the package under the Christmas tree and when i returned i was sooo excited and couldn't believe how nicely it was its own Oral B Christmas cute?

So the following morning my exciting Oral B challenge had started :)

First of all i just want to give you a quick introduction on what Oral B say about this toothbrush-
What Oral B say:
The only toothbrush to be approved by the British Dental Health Foundation using the most advanced 3D technology from Oral B which both pulsates, oscillates and rotates to break up plaque and sweep it away.
Get a smile you can feel triumphant about. Achieve whiter teeth and healthier gums than you ever thought possible. Experience Oral-B Triumph – a triumph over ordinary brushing.

Even from these few words i feel it totally draws you in to want to know a lot more about this toothbrush, and that's why i am here today.

After reading about this toothbrush i then noticed that Oral B say that this toothbrush can give you naturally whiter teeth in just 21 days- I took this challenge on and explained that i wanted to use this toothbrush for the 21 days to see if it is actually true. I am 100% one for teeth whitening, you are all probably aware that i like to try every product out there to achieve that Hollywood smile so to be able to use an amazing toothbrush and to get my teeth whiter at the same time seemed like a dream to me. Instantly after my first use i can honestly say that i 100% saw that my teeth were whiter. This is no doubt down to the fact that this toothbrush is extremely powerful and really does get rid of all plaque and grim to be able to bring out the inner whiteness of your teeth. I will explain in more depth later the toothbrush itself but for now it does make your teeth whiter once you have finished brushing and after the 21 days i could really see that my teeth were staying whiter throughout the whole day.

From the pictures above you may have noticed an extra gadget which you may not normally see with any normal electric toothbrush and this is the Smart Guide.

What Oral B Say About The Smart Guide:
The experts at Oral-B introduce the Triumph with Smart Guide – a remote wireless display that tells you when you’re brushing too hard, when to switch sides and how long to brush. It’s clinically proven to help improve your brushing habits within 30 days. And it’s the only brand to be approved by the British Dental Health Foundation.

Oral-B Triumph with Smart Guide is a significant advancement in rechargeable toothbrushes, setting new standards in customisation, feedback mechanisms, and overall brushing design.

What is Smart Technology?
It is built into Oral-B Triumph brush heads and the smart guide to provide you with interactive feedback during brushing to help you brush you best everyday. The Smart guide unit provides visual feedback, on the time taken to brush, and the pressure you are using to brush your teeth, but the brush head itself provides an audio cue to these as well. A change in brushing occurs every 30 seconds to let you know how long you have been brushing, with a final alert at 2 minutes. The sound also changes to give you a warning signal, to let you know if you are brushing with too much pressure, in order to protect your gums.

Now for some people this may seem a little "annoying" or "too much" which is understandable as many of you may not be used to having an extra gadget whilst brushing your teeth but if you want the full experience of this toothbrush then this is a must have in my opinion. The Smart Guide is the main body of the toothbrush if you like, it controls how long you brush your teeth for, it gives you a warning if you are applying too much pressure whilst brushing, prompts you after 30 seconds to change the quadrant and helps you to brush thoroughly across all 4 quadrants of your mouth and it also memorises your absolute brushing time, and tells you when you should replace your toothbrush as dentists recommend you change your toothbrush every 3 months (brushing twice a day for 2 minutes). So yes the Smart Guide does count up or down 2 minutes so you know exactly how long you have been brushing for so you do have to get used to looking at it whilst brushing as not rushing round the house trying to get ready whilst brushing like i used to do. Believe me you will get used to it and it's what makes your brushing experience 100% better and i can assure you if you don't watch it and guess 2 minutes you will notice the difference and wish you had kept your eye on the timer :)

Another great feature of the Smart Guide is it allows you to choose which setting you would prefer your toothbrush on, either daily,sensitive,deep clean,polish or massage. My personal favourite and the two i used the most were the deep clean and the massage. The deep clean is a real grim stopper and to me it feels like a much better clean at the end of it whilst the massage mode is something totally different,although it does give your teeth a good clean i use it more after i have brushed for the recommended 2 minutes and then have the enjoyment of a teeth massage at the end.
I love the overall look of the toothbrush, it has a very sleek design and also comes with a travel case with two spaces for brush heads which is great for me as i spend a lot of time at my boyfriends house so to be able to keep my miracle toothbrush in a nice clean case is a huge plus for me. Included in the box you also get 2 brush heads 1 sensitive and 1 pro bright. Again because of my love for teeth whitening i have been using the pro bright brush head. As i love this toothbrush so much me and my boyfriend went out and purchased some more brush heads which are the dual clean, these looked fabulous as they actually have 2 round brushes on them so i can't wait to try that out. Like i just said my boyfriend bought some as well and that is because he actually went out the next day after me giving him a 1 use review to buy this toothbrush. Usually he likes to do a lot of reviews on electrical items before he purchases anything so i was pretty shocked when he went out to buy one after i told him my experience after just one use. I have to admit i did know i loved the toothbrush from just one use though.

Ryan my boyfriend is actually going to do a review ON HIS BLOG HERE so be sure to check that out :)

When i was in discussion with the lady from the PR company via email she informed me that the toothbrush would give you that dentist clean feeling. Now i love it when i have just come out from the hygienist and your teeth feel incredibly clean and fresh and was really hoping i would feel this from the toothbrush and i can honestly say i do. For a few days every morning and evening i was just wondering around my house feeling my teeth with my tongue as if it was chocolate lol as i just loved the feeling it gave my teeth. That sounds incredibly strange but i hope you all know what i mean. It does state in the booklet you are given with the toothbrush that your teeth may bleed on the first two uses. I have really sensitive gums so mine did bleed twice but after that my teeth and gums got used to the new sensation. Also i love the way the toothbrush does all the work for you, there is no need to scrub really hard up, down and around your teeth, you just hold the toothbrush on your tooth and move it along slowly. It does everything for you and still gives you and amazing clean. I suffer with plaque at the back of my bottom teeth and i have noticed this toothbrush has helped improve it.

Over all i would give the Oral B Triumph 5000 10/10 and can honestly say i will NEVER go back to a manual toothbrush and can't believe it has taken me this long to realise how fantastic they are.

I am really so grateful to have been given the opportunity to try this toothbrush out!

Below i have left a short clip for you to watch on the benefits of the Oral B Triumph 5000 Toothbrush!

Enjoy X



Iv got more and more into these FOTD posts so just wanted to share with you the look i went for at work yesterday! A little more dramatic than usual! Oh and sorry about the dressing gown lol i didnt want you all to see my work unifrom :)

The products i used for this look were..

Face- Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer
          M.A.C Select Moisturecover Concealer
             M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid-NW20
    Fashion21 Creamy Milk Powder
       Nars Laguna Bronzer
                     Bourjois Blush in 92 Santal-for contour

Cheeks-M.A.C MSF By Candlelight

Eyes- UDPP
Sleek Storm Palette-Green all over the lid
Sleek Sunset Palette-Red i the crease
M.A.C Black Kohl Power Pencil
M.A.C Black Track Fluid Line

E.L.F Brow Kit
L'oreal Voluminous Mascara

Lips-Rimmel Nude Delight

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Yesterday i went into town with my cousin to do a bit of shopping so i just wanted to share with you all the make-up i went for. Its very casual but with a slightly bright lip :)

The products i used to acheive this look were...

Face- Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer
M.A.C Select Moisturecover Concealer
M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid-NW20
Fashion21 Creamy Milk Powder
Nars Laguna Bronzer
Bourjois Blush in 92 Santal-for contour

Cheeks-M.A.C MSF in By Candlelight

Eyes- Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow-Sambaq-dy loves me
NYX Eyeshadow Trio-Sombra
WetnWild Illuminating Bronzing Powder-The darkest shade in the crease
Benefit Bag Girl Plum
M.A.C Black Kohl Power Pencil
E.L.F Brow Kit

Lips- M.A.C. ColourCrafted Lipstick-L/E
M.A.C Do It Up Dazzleglass Creme

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