Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Marks&Spencers Essential Colours

I popped into Marks&Spencers last week so get myself some new work trousers and as i was walking past the beauty section i remembered Marks&Spencers had launched their Essential Colours range of nail varnishes, so i took the chance to have a quick look at them!

They are all really gorgeous colours but quite a few are similar colours to what i already have so i just picked up 3.

Neon Yellow with flash


Neon Yellow without flash


Pastel with flash


Pastel without flash


Mint Green with flash

    Mint Green without flash


I really love all 3 colours but my favourite has to be the lilac pastel as it reall is'nt like any other colour i have it is alot more pale than most lilac pastel nail varnishes!

Now these cost £2.50 which is a total bargain so i would highly recoomend checking them out!


  1. they are really nice colours, but what is the formula like?

    Last time i picked up a rave nail polish (barryM Mint green), the formula kind of FAILED. =D

  2. Me want the yellow one :) xx

  3. Ohh pretty! I love the mint green one :)

  4. They look fab, I especially like the mint green colour xx

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  6. MInt for me too! How many coats did you do?

  7. Cute colours! I need to check these out!! <3

  8. yessss! finnaly another blogger who's tried them out. I got a pink one and it's an exact dupe of barry m's except slightly cheaper!

  9. u have the purrfect yellow i have been hunting for !!
    xo mw


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