Tuesday, 16 February 2010

NOTD-Sophie's Pink :)

Now this officially has to be one my new favourite nail varnishes of all time...not JUST because of the name hehe well i guess that does have something to do with it :) Honestly though the colours is gorgeous and the texture of the varnish is amazing, one coat does the job perfectly and it also dries slightly matte which i really like as well. So overall i love the colour,name,formula and Models Own It nail varnishes*big thumbs up*



  1. that colour looks really nice, I love the bottles of models own it but they don't sell it where I live :(

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I just got my first 2 models own polishes and love the formula and colours, i must get some more!

  3. love the colour!!lush!and the name of course!x x x

  4. thats such a prettty colour :)

  5. Ooh, I hope 'Essjay's Pink' is as pretty and vibrant as this one. ;-)

  6. I am in love with that colour
    It is gorgeous!

  7. I love this color on you! Been looking for swatches all over for the other Models Own polishes I don't have and you convinced me to include this color in my next haul! :)

    Oh, and I love your name too. My childhood best friend's name is also Sophie so it brings good memories. :)

    Glad to stumble on your blog.


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