Monday, 8 March 2010

Contest Update!

Wow, the last half an hour of my life has been totally crazy!! I would first of all just like to thank blogger for nearly giving me a heart attack!! However i am ok and things are fine after all. So my contest ended around 35 minutes ago so i just wanted to make this post just to let you all know that it may take me a while to sort through(i mean this because i am picking the winner through which means i have to work out the comment number and also add in 5 extra points for anyone who retweeted or made a blogpost) the winner as i had over 1600 entries!!!! Crazy i know. I had a slight problem earlier where blogger was only showing i had 19 comments so i got myself into a massive panik but its just blogger playing up as the comments are now slowly coming back :)

I would just like to say a MASSIVE Thankyou to everyone who entered!!

Also Good Luck everyone :)

Winner will be announced within the next week.

I thought i would leave you with a picture of some cute cakes i found on the internet.


  1. Wow you're really going to sort through each one? I would just pick a winner then check they fulfilled all the requirements. xx

  2. Im picking through so when i say sort through i have to work out which comment the number is and also add in 5 extra points for anyone that made a blogpost or tweeted!! X

  3. Those cakes are so adorable! XD

  4. Wow, 1600 entries!
    And those cakes look so yummy and cute! xx

  5. over 1600 entry?? wow.. It's me between another 1599-something people.. lol!
    By the way I just made an oracle post about what your mole said about you.. =p
    maybe you want to take a look..
    have a nice day. =)

  6. Wow!!! There are many entries...
    Thanks for organizing all :)

    The cakes are sweet and cute.


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