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M.A.C Spring Colour Forecoast Haul & A Few Swatches

OK so I'm going to start off with the most upsetting part of this post! On Thursday the new M.A.C collections were released in store along with the Viva Glam GaGa Lipstick(this is what everyone thought) So as most of you know i work at Heathrow so I'm always usually really lucky with collections as most products don't sell out quickly but never the less i headed to work early to get first pick. The first product i asked for was the Viva Glam GaGa lipstick of course and was sooooo happy as they had lots in stock so i was able to pick up two. I was so excited i didn't even look at it i just went on to purchase other products from the collections which you will be able to see in a moment. Now i was on my break at work and thought i would have a look at all what i bought. The first thing that stood out to me was that the Viva Glam GaGa lipstick didn't have signatures on either of the boxes so i quickly checked the actual lipstick and they didn't either. After being sooo excited i was soo gutted and quickly ran downstairs to see the girls in M.A.C before my break was over. The girls were really shocked and couldn't understand what had happened. They had previously told me that the Viva La GaGa lipstick isn't officially launched until the 14th of this month but they thought it was Thursday as well until they came in for their shift and was told it was being held back. We are putting this down to the reason why the lipsticks didn't have any signatures on them but we could be totally wrong. I am just going to hold out until the 14th the official launch date and hopefully swap my lipsticks :( I'm sorry if that made no sense what so ever!

So here is the lipstick itself with no signatures (I can see it but cant touch it noooo)

Here you can see that it is the Viva Glam GaGa Lipstick!

Ok on to the happier side of this post :)

Pre warning though picture quality is pretty poor as i'ts late here and my lighting is sooo bad but i really wanted to get the post up! I can take better swatches in daylight if you wish!

So i got pretty much everything on my wish list apart from Phlox lipstick which is on display at my M.A.C but they don't have any in stock, it's not that it sold out they just haven't had any in.Its really sad as it is such a gorgeous colour in person!

Lets get on with what i did get...

I think i will start with THE most talked about blusher at the moment...

Blush Ombre Ripe Peach!!!

It is an absolutely amazing colour. I just want to stare at it alll day its sooooo pretty. This blusher is perfect for spring/summer. It has an amazing colour gradient so you have 3 blushers in 1. Pigmentation is spot on and the texture is lovely, very smooth and silky. What i love about this colour is its slightly shimmery which means it could be great for a highlight colour as well. This will be in my favourites for a while i think so maybe i need to buy a back up?!?


I also got two lip liners as i fell in love with the texture and colours. Great for this seasons trends, pastel pinks and corals and seeing as i wear those colours on my lips a lot i thought these would be perfect!


Left- Naked Liner
Right- In Synch

Texture is so soft and light its almost as if they melt slightly with contact!!


Now here are my three beauties :) Minus 1 :(
Vibrant coral with a hint of gold and pink shimmer

Soft purple/pink with hint of gold shimmer
Appears more purple on the lips

Colour Me Coral-Frost
More everyday coral once again with a hint of gold shimmer

I love every colour but i must say they are very sheer on the lips which means they are more practical for everyday wear really. My favourite out of the three is Victorian as its such a unique colour. Fresh Salmon is sold out online but i have to say in person i really didn't like the colour.
Once again i am honestly so sorry about the poor quality pictures, you really can't see the colours very well but i will be posting a lot of FOTD post with these products included so you will be able to see the colours a little better.

A lot of people are getting pretty bored with new M.A.C Collections but i can honestly say i don't think i ever will, i may not buy something everytime but i do like to have a look at all the new products.

Have any of you guys been lucky enough to get your hands on any products from the Spring Colour Forecoast Collection?



  1. I've got to stop looking at swatches of ripe peach, I really wish I'd bought it!
    I got Pink Burst and Laugh a lot lipsticks, my original wish list was huge but I already had similar colours and knew I wouldn't like the frost finish of some of the lipsticks!

  2. Oh no, that's a shame about the Gaga! I'd be so annoyed if I had it but couldn't touch it! The rest of your purchases look lovely! xo

  3. that's so weird the gaga lipstick doesn't have the signatures on..why would they even make it without?! so odd! i went straight down to my counter on thursday asap to get it only to be gutted too :( xox

  4. Oh and maybe the Gaga lipsticks were staff samples? I'm just guessing though. Can't wait to get my hands on one!

  5. babe would u like me to get u flox and post it to u?
    im in bham and i dont think its sold out yet, though i might be wrong

  6. Hey Sophie, if you are interested in doing a swap I can get you phlox lipstick, Im dying to get the ripe peach blush and its completely sold out at all 5 mac locations near me...and online. Let me know if you would be interested.

  7. love buble gum and colour me coral lippie
    xo mw

  8. I dont think the photos are poor quality at all :) I love the look of everything you bought (totally jealous that you snagged Ripe Peach!) but thats so weird about the Gaga Lipstick :(

  9. Ohh everytime I see Ripe Peach I just want it even more! xx

  10. Eeeekkkk! I am soooo excited after reading your post lovely! I cannot wait got Gaga!!! Shame your's hasn't got the sig on but you ar elucky you can sit and stare at it before any of us can!I am sure if you haven't used it and you went and spoke to the MAC girlies, you can swap it.
    Victorian Frost and Blush Ombre! Yummy colours!

    Great post as always huni xoxo

  11. So strange about Gaga! Eeek I would be so tempted to touch! xxx

  12. I want Ripe Peach so so bad :'( boo, lovely stuff you got x

  13. i skipped out on spring color forecast just because there were WAY too many things ! but i keep seeing the swatches of the lipsticks and they are so0o pretty i am hoping they still have some in stock at the mac by me. i love victorian! the ombre is gorgeous also

  14. Hey I got the GAGA lipstick like the Monday before it was suppose to be released and all of ours at Gatwick don't have the signatures on either!! I was disappointed as well with the lack of the signature sounds so funny but I am! :( Great haul though! :) x x x

  15. I'm still waiting for this to arrive and when it does, I'll be picking up Ripe Peach straight away! I'll wait and see the other products in person. Thanks for sharing!


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