Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Pure Cosmetics.

Everytime I visit Boots in Westfield i always find myself looking at the Pure Cosmetics stand but never actually purchasing anything, until the other day when i wondered over and they had a 75% off sale on which i am guessing because it is being discontinued!! So it was my chance to snap up a few items. There wasn't too much left but to be honest most of it was in pretty bad condition apart from these two gorgeous palettes. I had been looking at these for such a long time and was lucky enough to get them at only £3.70 something each...bargain alert!!!

I got the Party palette.

and the Day palette.

I have only swatched these but pigmantation seems good but not as good as mac or anything but for a cheap bargain its pretty good. I have to say im glad i didnt pay full price for these though! Once i have used them a lot more and acheived some different looks i will update you all a little more :)



  1. Omg that's so cheap!! The colours look great, need to het my hands on those palettes!!


  2. That is so cheap... I really like the look of the day palette.


  3. The colours in the party palette are beautiful! ♥ xo

  4. oooh...wonder if this deal is on in my local boots!!!

  5. The party palette is beautiful and so fun! Loves!


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