Friday, 5 March 2010

Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette

I just wanted to take a few minutes to say a big HELLO to all my new followers :) Im now weyyy over 600 followers which is totally amazing so ThankYou so much everyone!

Today i just wanted to show you the Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Limited Adition Palette. Im sure you have seen lots of reviews and pictures but i just wanted to share it with you. I went to Debenhams the day after the palette was released thinking it would be sold out however i was totally wrong, Westfield had roughly about 40-50 left so i was lucky enough to get my hands on two :) Greedy i know!

Now i have heard that a lot of the colours in the palette are repromotes from the other Urban Decay Book Of Shadows but this doesn't bother me as i dont actually own any of these palettes.

The packaging is suuuuuper cute!!

This palette cost £28 which i think is a really affordable price seeing as you get a lot included in the palette!

Im working flat out at the minute as i am saving for my holiday so i havent actually had a chance to use this yet so once i have i hope to post lots of EOTD pictures.

Im sooooo happy i own this palette, i love it!!

Have any of you guys been lucky enough to get your hands on this palette?



  1. im still wondering whether i really need this! i own mostly neutrals so for me i probably own something similar to those, and the brighter colours i have in urban decays deluxe shadow palette, but its so cute my head is just telling me to get it!x

  2. I really want this but it's not available here and shipping is just too much trouble...I'm glad you got it though, it's beautiful!

  3. the palate is great i got it when it first came out here right when the clock struck 12:00 a.m~

  4. This palette is gorgeous!!! I`ve got the Book of shadows I but I don`t "mind" having this one too ;)


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