Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Primark Damage :)

Hello my gorgeous followers!
So the other day i went to primark to pick up some jewellery for a swap i am doing at the moment but of course i got slightly side tracked and picked up a few tops :)

Two floral baggy tops £5

Two strap tops £5
Tight under the bust but flare out at the bottom great for on the beach
I also love the gold button detail!

Strapless pink floral top £5
With really cute pink rose buttons :)

See through bow top £5
I will wear this with a black strap top underneath

Coral jersey dress £9

I had seen this top on a few other blogs and had to have it
I just love the pink colour and the layered fabric £8

Then finally i just loved the bow and the open back on this dress
The front is just a normal cow neck plus navy is really in this season £6

Hope you enjoyed this guys :)
Mwah X


  1. Love the strappy tops and the floral top, pretty pretty!


  2. Ok so i will send you my addie so you can send all of that to me... hehe omw love it love primark want it all :P well except the petal top because i have one but i wont say no to a back up :P xx

  3. Nice haul! I´m currently doing a swap too and it´s SUPER easy to get side track! Aha! What great deals! I love the pink top w/ the black lace! (:
    Besos, guapa!

  4. They're all so lovely! I'm definitely going to take a trip to Primark soon! xx

  5. so cute! i wish we had primark in the US! (or else, i wish i could get back to london to go to one! haha)

  6. Great purchases, I got really bored of their stuff a while ago but now they've got some lovely clothes. Love the floral and spotty dress! x

  7. Nice buys :) I love the last dress, so cute. Primark have some amazing stuff in at the moment! xxx

  8. I love all of these! Esp the strapless floral top, so cute! You have adorable style :) Thanks for following xx

  9. Love your buysm, I have the pink rose dress but in blue. They are a bargain at only £5.

    I love the coral pink dress with the black edging I am going to have to have a look for that. I love Primark xx


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