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*Top 3 Summer Fragrances + Summer Fragrance Wishlist*

I am a HUGE perfume addict. I have been since the young age of around 13 when i purchased my first ever perfume which was Hugo Boss Deep Red, that perfume will always bring back so many child hood memories! Do you like me always smell your perfumes and that scent floods back different memories of when you bought that perfume or when you used to wear it alot? Every single one of my perfumes reminds me of "something" and i love it! This brings me on to my top 3 fragrances for the summer. Over the last 2 years i have been very lucky to have gone on some amazing holidays with my gorgeous boyfriend Ryan and its always been a tradition for me to by a perfume when i go on holiday at duty free. Now i am going to share with you my top 3 from my personnel collection and then i am going to share with you my wish list for some new summer fragrances :)

Obviously these perfumes means alot to me and bring back some amazing memories of the summer/holidays ect and that's why i love to only wear them in the summer and seeing as the weather is getting better these are the 3 perfumes i have been reaching for. Now these may not be to every ones tastes however although they are the perfect summer smell for my because they bring back amazing memories they are really summery scents which will cheer everyone up :)

First up is Ghost Sweetheart!

I bought this at duty free when me and Ryan were going on our first holiday to Turkey so obviously this brings back amazing memories but it is also the perfect summer smell. Its very strong so lasts a good few hours. Its not one of those scents which is a light summer fragrance it is quite heavy but in a good way. The main note in this perfume i believe is vanilla and orange. Its not a floral summer scent its just a bright sweet vanilla but there is also a slight musk to it to deepen the fragrance slightly! Overall such a stunning fragrance.

Then we have the Hollister perfume!

I didn't buy this at duty free as they don't stock Hollister but i did buy this about a week before mine and Ryans holiday to Egypt and i saved it for the holiday! This perfume is very girly its like a really happy fragrance. Once again there is a strong vanilla note in there but also a slight hint of floral. I'm sure you guys have got a whiff of this perfume when shopping in Hollister as they do spray it everywhere!! It does smell delicious though!

Then finally we have the D&G unisex perfume in 18 La Lune.

I got this perfume in Terminal 4 Heathrow when we were off to the Philippines :)

This perfume i could literally smell alllll day its such an easy scent. Once again it does have a hint of vanilla but that's is also mixed with quite a strong floral note and i believe there could be a almond/woody note in there. Its such a different scent with so many possible notes in there which is why i love it because its really unpredictable. These perfumes are unisex however i don't think a man would really like this scent :)

I can happily admit i do have an addiction to perfume hehe i have an unhealthy amount of perfume i could literally open my own shop haha! So when it comes to summer and the summer editions of perfumes get released i got a bit crazy and i love it! I love to smell all the different summer fragrances. Some may say that these fragrances don't last as long as they are not as strong however this doesn't stop me so i wanted to share with you my wish list for summer fragrances.

No 1. Essence d'Orange Cartier

I have wanted the original Cartier perfume for a really long time however now this has been released this is my no1 must have.

No 2 Paul Smith Rose Summer Edition

This smell AMAZING i sprayed it yesterday at work and it lasted all day- i even walked in from work last night and my dad said "mmm you smell nice what perfume is that" This is 100% a MUST HAVE!!!

No 3 Miss Dior Cherie

This is the newest fragrance from Miss Dior Cherie. I have the original Miss Dior however i ran out a few months ago sad times :( I sprayed this in boots recently and my boyfriend and i fell in love with it so once again a huge must have.

No 4 Armani Code Summer

Haven't yet smelt this but i love the original Armani Code and i have heard great things about the Summer Edition so cant wait to try it!

No 5 CKIN2U Heat

I love love love the original CKIN2U and once again i have run out :( So cant wait to try this new summer edition!

*All pictures courtesy of google images*

That's it my lovelies my top 5 new summer fragrances!

I can't wait to get my hands on any of these :)

Love you all lots xXx


  1. i love how perfume can remind you of so many things! my favourite perfume is curious by britney, and it will always remind me of a holiday i went on 6 years ago, ive brought it reliously ever since! x

  2. Lovely summer scents!

    I need to get some new perfumes for summer... I'm going to smell these and see what I think ;)

  3. Ghost sweetheart is one of my faves too!

  4. Paul Smith Rose is on my wishlist too :)

  5. YSL Baby Doll is pretty summery too. But the most summery scent comes from Escada, in my opinion. They are soooooo fruity! I still haven't decided what to wear for summer. Hmmm... maybe Anna Sui Secret Wish again?


  6. A lot of my perfumes hold memories so to speak.
    I have Ghost Sweetheart and loove it so much. I too want Miss Dior Cherie fell in love with that scent as soon as I smelt it. I love Escada fragrances for summer too.


  7. You have similar taste in perfumes as me...Ghost Sweetheart and Paul Smith Rose Summer Edition are two of my faves!

    I did a blogpost about my faves here: http://lavieenrouge17.blogspot.com/2010/01/beautiful-scents.html ...I reckon you'll like Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf and Ocean Lounge by Escada :)

  8. Ghost sweetheart is gorgeous. i used to work in superdrug and when it first came out and was on display none of the girls would wear a fragrance to work and then we'd come in and use that. we all smelt incredible :P

    i'd forgotten about it until now though and i really really want it!

    thanks for reminding me :D xx


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