Tuesday, 25 May 2010

♥It's Bouquet With Me NOTD♥

Hello poppets ♥
When it comes to my two days off from work i can't wait to paint my nails as i am not allowed to wear nail varnish at work, well apart from natural colours so i like to go a bit crazy on my days off as you can see from this NOTD *hehe*

Whilst out in NYC myself and Milly both picked up the same Essie nail varnish in the colour Aerie Flirty which i decided to sport today seeing as the weather has been so gorgeous ♥

Also in NYC i picked up a Sephora by OPI nail varnish in It's Bouquet With Me so i decided to follow on the trend with the one sparkly nail :) I loves it ♥

The formulation with both nail varnishes is really nice..i am wearing two coats as i always feel most nail varnishes look better with two coats! Only problem is i painted my nails last night and the Essie Aerie Flirty is already chipping which isn't a good sign aye!

(This pictured has made me realise how funny my little finger nail is hahaha its growing outwards hmmm)

Since returning from NYC i promised normal blogging would resume however being back at work reeeally took its toll so much so i really am not enjoying my job anymore :( So today being my first day off i have spent a lovely day out with my boy for a spot of lunch in Frangos?? Anyone else been to a Frangos? I was sceptical at first but Ryan assured me i would like it and it's actually a really nice resturant...it's basically a rip off of Nando's however i much prefered it hehe! Also a quick nosey round a few shops in town. Tomorrow i shall be spending pretty much in doors catching up on my list of blogs ♥
*So keep an eye out girlies*

I hope you all had a fantastic sunshine filled weekend ♥

Thursday, 20 May 2010

♥ New York Day 4 ♥

To myself and Milly's complete disappointment day 4 came farrr too quickly so we had to make the most of our last day in NYC. We woke up early and headed out to catch our open top bus, of course with starbucks in hand. We decided we just wanted to sit on the bus for the whole 2 hour tour around Central Park and Harlem. Taken lots of pictures and taking in all the scenery. Myself and Milly just loved siting on the top of the bus with the wind in our hair enjoying the ride whilst munching on choccy pretzels hehe ♥

Here are a few piccies from the tour ♥


After the tour we quickly ran back to our hotel(of course with a stop in Sephora...it just had to be done) we only had an hour to pack which was slightly stressful as we had a lot of extra baggage that we didn't travel out with LOL from all of our shopping of course ♥

Once packed and bags safely left with the hotel concierge we headed back out and walked down 42nd street to jump on board the ferry to take us to the Statue Of Liberty.

Although the weather wasn't great it was such an amazing experience which i will never forget ♥


After the boat cruise we quickly headed back to our hotel to make our way to the huge JFK airport!
We were slightly delayed only by half an hour but what with the ash cloud causing problems again we arrived home safe and sound on time. I had such an amazing time and i am still getting over the whole experience  now...i had over 15 hours sleep when i got home although it was only 5 hours difference i don't think i cope very well with jet lag hehe ♥

I just wanted to take this time to say a MASSIVE thank you to Sleek for giving me the most amazing experience ever and for holding such an awesome event. I have never won anything in my life so to win such a fabulous prize really made me such a happy lady :)

Also would like to say a HUGE thank you to the gorgeous Milly for accompanying me on this amazing trip and making every second incredible. I will never ever forget our time in NYC. Milly has posted a small but great vlog on her YouTube channel so be sure to check that out...HERE

Now that's my speech over hehe ♥

I hope all of you gorgeous pumpkins have enjoyed all these NYC post and I'm sorry they have totally taken over your dashboard, but that's it now and normal blogging shall resume. Thank you for all our amazing comments on all of my post i really love reading them and they mean alot.

So for now caio caio and i shall see you all soon in my next post ♥

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

♥ New York Day 3 ♥

Day 3 in The Big Apple started off with myself and Milly waking up rather early to make ourselves look beautiful for the New York Make-Up Show. It was all very exciting as this is the reason we had been sent to NYC...to have lots of girlie fun ogling over lots of products :) Any make-up addicts dream :)

We watched....

We listened...

and we looked hehe LOL (they look pretty silly if i do say so myself)

After walking round with my eyes wide open we finally bumped into Yinka. This was 100% the most exciting part as hoped we would see each other out in the big city. Yinka was out in NYC for a holiday so was awesome to meet the amazing blogger out there!!

After spending some monies and taking everything in we decided that we had pretty much seen everything possible in the show and decided to head off!

Our transportation for the day was the open top bus...its such a great way to get around the city especially when i the weather is gorgeous!!

We hoped on and off at lots of different locations such as...

China Town!! Totally an awesome place full of lots of fake watches and bags LOL!

Then Little Italy...I got slightly confused as i thought we were still in China Town and said to Milly "hmmm doesn't look like there is many Chinese restaurants around here" haha swear i should be blonde! However China Town and Little Italy literally just roll into one, well that is my excuse anyway :)

Next stop was Soho for some SHOPPING of course. First shop was Topshop...we just had to have a little nosey :) Soho is great for shopping we went into sooo many shops such as, American Eagle, Victoria Secret, Bebe, Forever21 and Lush ♥

After shopping till we literally dropped pretzel in hand we jumped back on the open top bus and relaxed until we got back to Times Square and hobbled back to our hotel to a well deserved sleep :)

We had such a fun and exciting day i will always remember The New York Make-Up Show so thank you so much Sleek



Sunday, 16 May 2010

OOTD Day 3 New York

Still such amazing weather in NYC at the moment so the perfect day to wear a really bright summery dress ♥

Dress ♥ River Island
Leggings ♥ New Look
Ballet Pumps ♥ Topshop
Bag ♥ New Look
Bracelet ♥ H&M
Sunglasses ♥ H&M

Hope you like it :)


♥ New York Day 2 ♥

Day 2 started with me and Milly hailing down our first taxi and to our belief one stopped straight away...pure luck i say :) We were getting all excited and giddy as we were heading off to go on the SATC Tour ♥

The meeting location for the SATC Tour was at the Pulitzer Fountain outside the Plaza Hotel ♥

Our coach arrived and off we went....

First stop on the tour was the Pleasure Chest. Surprising enough it was absolutely manic inside so me and Milly had a quick browse and left all those Charlotte's inside and headed to shop next door to pick up some goodies for the ride...Hershey's/Reese's and crisps it was :)

Next stop was the Buddakan the Asian Fusion restaurant which is what you will all be familiar with as the location for Carrie and Big's pre wedding meal.

Up next was the best stop of all ♥
The Magnolia Bakery. Blooming amazing!

We were lucky enough to scoff our faces with one of the amazing cupcakes ♥

Last stop was Scout Aidan and Steve's Bar

Cocktail time girlie's...hmmmm Cosmo's...they really ended the tour nicely!!

It was really so so much fun and amazing to see everything. Thank you so much Sleek for a truely amazing added treat to our trip in NYC!!

After the tour dropped us off we were next to Grand Central Station so we decided to pop inside quickly and be totally gobsmacked at how beautiful it is and totally puts 'Waterloo' to shame!!


Then we walked to the Rockefeller Centre to go to The Top Of The Rock to experience some amazing views.



Last treat of the day was literally a treat and a half. After having a mooch around Blooming dales we spotted the famous Dylan's Candy Bar mmmmm amazingness ♥ My mummy would have been in there alllllll day she lurrrrves sweeties :)

I do apologise that there is sooo many pictures in this post, we did so many amazing things is one day it just had to be lol! Hope you enjoyed this anyway! Up next an OOTD :)

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