Tuesday, 25 May 2010

♥It's Bouquet With Me NOTD♥

Hello poppets ♥
When it comes to my two days off from work i can't wait to paint my nails as i am not allowed to wear nail varnish at work, well apart from natural colours so i like to go a bit crazy on my days off as you can see from this NOTD *hehe*

Whilst out in NYC myself and Milly both picked up the same Essie nail varnish in the colour Aerie Flirty which i decided to sport today seeing as the weather has been so gorgeous ♥

Also in NYC i picked up a Sephora by OPI nail varnish in It's Bouquet With Me so i decided to follow on the trend with the one sparkly nail :) I loves it ♥

The formulation with both nail varnishes is really nice..i am wearing two coats as i always feel most nail varnishes look better with two coats! Only problem is i painted my nails last night and the Essie Aerie Flirty is already chipping which isn't a good sign aye!

(This pictured has made me realise how funny my little finger nail is hahaha its growing outwards hmmm)

Since returning from NYC i promised normal blogging would resume however being back at work reeeally took its toll so much so i really am not enjoying my job anymore :( So today being my first day off i have spent a lovely day out with my boy for a spot of lunch in Frangos?? Anyone else been to a Frangos? I was sceptical at first but Ryan assured me i would like it and it's actually a really nice resturant...it's basically a rip off of Nando's however i much prefered it hehe! Also a quick nosey round a few shops in town. Tomorrow i shall be spending pretty much in doors catching up on my list of blogs ♥
*So keep an eye out girlies*

I hope you all had a fantastic sunshine filled weekend ♥


  1. I love that pink nail varnish! gorgous! x

  2. Yay! I am sooo glad we picked this up Soph! :) Such a fabby colour! :) Looks awesome on you xx

  3. Pretty, love the glitter nail!! haha xxx

  4. Gorgeous color and I love your new Banner it's so pretty so NYC =I

  5. i don't think i would survive if i wasn't allowed to wear nail varnish for work!

    i have to have it on all the time!


  6. Love the nail polish, looks devine :D x

  7. wow the pink with the glitter is such a good match. LOVE IT ♥

  8. I've also tagged you with a blog award x

  9. It is such a summery colour! Love the sparkly nail too!

  10. Love the look of that Essie colour <3 so bright!

  11. Oh my gosh, that is so bright, i love it! X


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