Saturday, 8 May 2010

*Bright White Smile Obession*

For some time now i have been 100% obsessed with getting that 'Hollywood Smile' I have tried every product under the sun. From a home whitening kit from the dentist, Crest White Strips, Pearl Drops, and nearly every tooth whitening tooth paste on the market. I am still yet to find the perfect product for me.

For the time being the product i am using everyday day is the Beverly Hills Formula Natural White toothpaste. I do feel that this tooth paste does keep my teeth looking fairly white but not the standard i wish for.

I literally want Simon Cowell teeth!!! Now that's saying something LOL!
I know, i know they are not his real teeth but that is how white i want mine :)

So this is where you guys come in. I want to know what you guys use to get your teeth white. The lovely Sarah has recommend me a home teeth whitening system but i don't think i can be forking out £800 for it :(

I have heard of lots of different systems from..
Smile Express
Zoom Teeth Whitening
Smile-X Englighten Tooth Whitening

I would love to know if any of you have used these before or can recommend me a different company! I am even up for trying cheaper drugstore products, absolutely anything!! I MUST get my Simon Cowell smile LOL!



  1. good luck :D, i wish my teeth were whiter!,X

  2. I'm on the quest for whiter teeth too, i'm interested in getting them whitened so i will be checking this post to see what peoples rec's are =) I use Blanx whitening tooth paste at the moment, I have certainly noticed a difference and will repurchase x

  3. You ever tried those crest white strips? I've never tried them, I always get put off by the reviews about sensitivity though x

  4. i am also obsessed with white teeth! i recently went through trying the crest white strips, and whilst i think they slightly made them brighter, they are definitely not the white i want!

    on recently they reviewed a product called 'whizzer whitening strips' ( and they dissolve on your teeth so you dont have the hassle of removing them like the crest strips! i think i am going to try these next!


  5. Originally I had mine whitened from the Dentist (Take home kit - Trays made to fit my teeth and syringes of bleach) At the time (almost 3 years ago) it made a massive difference to my teeth, but my Coke Zero obsession has seen to it that they aren't as white as they once were!

    I'm a lot like you though, I want the 'American Dream' smile and will do anything to get it! Soooo I recently purchased the Crest Whitening Strips Professional Effects with Advanced Seal technology (They literally stick to your teeth so much!)

    In the set I bought you get 20 days worth of whitening, so far i've only used 4 over a space of 2 weeks (I have sensitive teeth and gums) and have already noticed a massive difference. With them being the professional effects, they have the highest concentration of bleach, meaning whiter teeth =D

    I bought some Sensodyne (spelling?) PROnamel and have been using this while I whiten, as I do tend to get sensitivity, but it wears off within a day .. Overall I would definatley recommend them, I've had so many comments about my teeth and like I say i've only used 4 strips!

    Let me know if you're interested and i'll send you the link where I got them from :)

    Hope this helps!


  6. Lol that made me laugh, I am pretty obsessed with white teeth myself and getting them professionally whitened is the only way to really lift them. My dentist said that the moulds are the most important thing, if you get some custom moulds done you can use any bleach system or just buy 1 syringe of bleach from your dentist as and when you can afford it.

    The 'laser' systems they use are just a weaker version of the at home bleach they give you, that's why it has to be activated with the 'laser' (yeah its just a red or blue light not really a laser) so the moulds are deffo the way to go. I use the moulds I got with my Smile X and use the 5 minute whitening gel that Kandee Johnson recommended ages ago on youtube, it was only around a fiver on ebay.

  7. @Sarah from IHeartCosmetics Hehe :) I already have moulds from where i was using PolaNight Teeth Whitening so does that mean i can just buy the bleach? Have you ordered from their website before coz i guess thats where i would have to get it from?

    Yeah i saw on your blog about the 5 minute whitening gel so im defo going to get some in New York X

  8. @sarah from IHeartCosmetics oh infact i dont think you can buy from their website!

  9. I just got mine from ebay! If you get it in the US it will be mucho cheaper

  10. haha good luck hun.... if Im honest I EXACTLY THE SAME AS YOU!! I would love bright white teeth - my mum is like your teeth are white but I want WHITE WHITE lol!!

    P.S The picture top right - soooo gorgeous x

  11. Pearl Drops stuff is supposed to be quite good.
    I like you am always on the quest for cowelly fangs.


  12. Snap, I'm obsessed with same thing at the moment. I have been trying Blanx intensive treatment,looking hopeful and have also tried RapidWhite. Have talked about them on my blog if you wanted a peek!

  13. Hi,

    I bought the crest whitestrips too.. Did you find they only whitened so much? Mine seemed to brighten up, then they just kinda reached a limit and further strips made no further difference, was that the same for you?

    @ Cheated Hearts If it helps, I use sensodyne toothpaste and I didnt notice any sesitivity until around the 15th strip. I gave it a rest and the sensitivity was gone within 3 days. If you apply them every other day that might help too :)

    Im thinking of giving Blanx a go now!

  14. Ah I want simon cowell teeth too! I'm obsessed with teeth whitening <3

  15. Oh my G! Me too, but I used those crest white strips and they left my teeth VERY sensitive. I used them 3 times and I swore never again. Im actually using pronamel toothpaste now cause I was told it can damage the teeth enamel.
    Please check out my beauty and fashion blog at Thanks! x

  16. You can get them done at the dentist i think its about £200?

  17. crest whiting strips pro

    ebay them, they changed my life. AMAZING! XXX

  18. let us know how it goes...whiter teeth would be nice! :) lol
    recently founf you had a blog after already subscribing to you on youtube :)
    please check out my blog too,
    xxxx Olenka

  19. Have a look at this! It's a great idea about the moulds and her teeth are sparkly white .. I'm really gonna try this out!!!

    Let me know if you try and if it works =) .. love your blog! xo

  20. Hi :) Have you tried Stella white strips yet? They worked really great for me and they are free of peroxide.


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